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Hello!!! I am back from Seattle, Washington...really did not want to return home & yet it is so nice to be home , too!! I did a T-shirt quilt while I was there or almost ...they wanted 1 cross stitched block (???) .. was ready for that block after 1 1/2 weeks but they had not even started on it & as we left, it still was not ready (UGH!!!) so my daughter will be mailing the entire thing to me so I can get it finished here!!!! We got home yesterday & I am so very, very anxious to get busy in my sewing room!!! This is about all the time I have for now, missed chatting with all of you...until later...

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Gwen, It sounds like you had fun in seattle. What sightseeing did you do? Seattle is a fun place, since it's usually not hot, and you can walk around all day and not get worn out from the heat. We used to live across Puget Sound from Seattle, and for five years, I commuted on the ferry to seattle to work. I sure don't miss that. Now I drive ten minutes, and I am at work. Ten minutes at the most, it's only four miles. I love it. I did my time with the long commutes. No more! Did you go to Pike's Place Market? It's fun.
Happy quilting!
Good morning Linda, sorry it has taken me this long to respond but I just got this from you yesterday. We always have a wonderful time when we travel to Washington. This was the 4th time we have been there since our daughter moved there in August '06. During this time span , we have been to Victoria, BC, the salmon festival in Issaquah, the Skagit tulip festival, Lavendar Festival in Squim, Kalaloch Beach on the coast, Cannon Beach, Oregon last month, Deception Pass, Leavenworth, Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee, Mt. Rainier,...I could go on & on. Our daughter always has something super special planned !! & best of all, we have been to the Quilt Museum 3 x in LaConner...always a different quilt artist to view her awesome & beautiful quilts. Lauri lives in Redmond & works in Bellevue, with about a 15 minute commute time if the traffic is good. We really miss it out there...not sure what it would be like to see the dark & dreary days of winter but we love the spring, summer & fall!! Yes, we have been to Pike's Market!! You asked me a couple simple questions & I have written a mini book!!! I did a t-shirt quilt for a friend of Lauri's while we were there last month but have not had the time to do any other quilting since we have been home & I am feeling "withdrawal"!!! As of yesterday, my baby sitting job has resumed as the both parents are teachers so...so much time for quilting has now really gone by the way-side!!! I miss visiting with the Iowa quilters..this too is hard to find time for..later, Gwen


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