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This is just a temporary discussion I posted so we can kick around some ideas for next year's Birthday Swap.  (I will delete this discussion after we make the final decision of what we will do for our upcoming swap and you can sign up to participate in the new discussion when we make a decision!)

So, Ladies- when you are brainstorming.....anything goes!  What are some suggestions for next year's swap??  

In 2009 we kicked off our new Iowa Quilter's group with a "Friendship Swap" of 5" charms of three dark fabrics and three light fabrics!

Here are the BIRTHDAY SWAPS we've had thus far:

2010- Three 2 1/2" strips in Red/Black/White OR Brown/Teal/Cream OR Scrappy. 

2011- One 12 1/2" block of your choice made using the Birthday Girl's three color choices (or theme of their choice: such as 30's reproduction, Civil War prints).

2012- One FQ of Birthday Girl's choice of fabrics (Orientals, Halloween, 30s, Jewel Tone batiks, Fall fabrics, etc).

2013- Two 2 1/2" strips in brights OR black/whites---along with a copy of a strip pattern.

2014- Two 10" squares in Birthday Girl's choice of colors.

2015- One 12 1/2" HOUSE block square in bright OR subdued OR realistic fabrics 

2016- Hmmm...we must not have done a swap since I have no info for that year.  I looked back in our IQ Discussion Groups for our 2016 Birthday Swap and found none!

2017- One "Saw Tooth Star" with different center done in Birthday Girl's color choices.

2018- five "Nine Patch" blocks done with five dark fabrics and four light fabrics...no color choices ("You get what you get!")

***Remember- do NOT sign up for next year's birthday swap here...just BRAINSTORM!***

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i have been so pleased with all the blocks I've recieved the last few years i think I'd rather do a block instead of fabric. it's easier to show those of and say my friends made these for my birthday instead of fabric that gets mixed into a quilt and i never know who gave me what

I agree with a block of some sort.  It gets made into something sooner.  The fabrics just kind of get mixed in with the stash.

I agree with the block idea.  I have difficulty determining how to use the fabrics we receive - I want it to be something special and I can't always imagine it.  Blocks are easier.  (I am working on my 2018 9-patch blocks right now!!)

How about choosing a color palette from colorpalettes.net and making a 10 or 12 inch finished block of choice.  Or is that too many different colors of blocks to make?

Lynne- we did that exchange in 2011!  (Looked back in my notes.)  We were to sew up a 12 1/2" block of our pattern choice in the Birthday Girl's choice of color way (three colors or a theme---like 30s reproductions or Civil War prints).  In fact, YOUR color way was red/white/black, Lynne!!

What about a block that would or could be used with our 9 patch blocks.  Same size but maybe a star block or snowball block?    

Oooh, where is the like button! 

I found my file folder on all our past Birthday Swaps and have included this info in the initial discussion posted at the TOP of this page!  For some odd reason we must not have had a birthday swap in 2016.

I too like the idea of swapping BLOCKS rather than pieces of fabric.  So I've been searching for some simple blocks designs (that do NOT incorporate Flying Geese pieces, Deb S)!!

I will post a few blocks that I have found and you can look them over.  Let me know if there is a particular block that you like (or don't like)!  Anyone else is welcome to post blocks too! 

Where is the really like button!

BLOCK #1- is a Bonnie Hunter block

This would make a cool "I Spy"  type of quilt.

I agree, Lynne!  And since I have two more peepers starting Kindergarten this fall---I have to sew up two "I Spy" quilts for their first day of school!  Then I'm done with this tradition since these are my last two peepers needing an "I Spy" quilt!  Gosh- my grandkids are growing up too quickly!!!


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