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Deb, you asked for the instructions for the 'Chain of Friendship' blocks, so thought I'd better post it before I forgot!  This block is 12 inch finished...12 1/2 inches unfinished.


Cut 2 white corner squares are cut 4 1/2"

Cut a 2 1/2" strip of white and yellow (blue) 15" long (I cut mine a little longer for adjusting. 

Cut 2 white squares and 2 blue (yellow) squares 4 7/8"


Sew the white and yellow (blue) strips together and press to the color.  Subcut into 2 1/2" sets...you'll need 6.  Make 3 four-patches.

Match the white and blue (yellow) 4 7/8" squares together, mark 1/4" lines on the back of the white squares and sew/cut to make 4 HSTs.

Arrange as in the picture above.

I made a couple of each so the colors can be alternated.

My address is: Jackie Orton, 3245 Clanton Creek Ln, Lorimor, IA 50149

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Thanks Jackie!  BTW are you making blocks for the breast cancer quilt out of ADEL?  If not would you mind if I use this pattern?

I am making the blocks from/for Jacque, but I wasn't using this pattern, so be my guest!

Perfect!  Thanks, Jackie.  Now it's so easy to find this pattern and we can add others as we see fit.

The more I look at this block the more I like it. I look at the block and see a whole quilt, how striking~ 

Might be a good idea to post the size of this quilt block so we are all perfect with our final measurement!  :)

(Is it a 12 1/2" unfinished block...which means a 12 " block when it is sewn into a quilt?)

I am pretty sure that this block measures 12 1/2 unfinished...so it will end up being a 12 inch block when sewn into the quilt.

I plan on making mine up today.  

That 12 1/2 measurement is so very important.  Especially since we are all using different machines.  I plan to have someone else verify my block.....my eyesight just isn't that good anymore.  :-0

Yes, the block is 12 1/2...12 inch finished.

And is the plan to mail them to you, Jackie??  If so, for everyone's convenience could you please post your address in your opening discussion post at the top?  (Even though I have your addy, there may be some folks who do not.)  Thanks!

Yes, you can mail them to me...I did as you suggested and put my address in the discussion area above.

You all remember the blue, yellow and white strips I collected a couple years ago for comfort quilts...I have one quilt ready with this woven-looking block that Joyce and Nancy helped with making the blocks and Deb quilted.  Anyway, there were 14 extra blocks, so I made 6 more yesterday and will put a border on this one to make it a little different.  Just on the design wall now...looks like a few blocks need to be moved around!

I like them.  Interesting how the border adds another dimension/ depth to the quilt and really changes the overall feel of the quilt.  I would guess that Sandy's eyes would appreciate the top one.... the border softens and gives the eyes a place to land.

They are both great quilts!  Great job Jackie!

Beautiful quilts


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