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Deb, you asked for the instructions for the 'Chain of Friendship' blocks, so thought I'd better post it before I forgot!  This block is 12 inch finished...12 1/2 inches unfinished.


Cut 2 white corner squares are cut 4 1/2"

Cut a 2 1/2" strip of white and yellow (blue) 15" long (I cut mine a little longer for adjusting. 

Cut 2 white squares and 2 blue (yellow) squares 4 7/8"


Sew the white and yellow (blue) strips together and press to the color.  Subcut into 2 1/2" sets...you'll need 6.  Make 3 four-patches.

Match the white and blue (yellow) 4 7/8" squares together, mark 1/4" lines on the back of the white squares and sew/cut to make 4 HSTs.

Arrange as in the picture above.

I made a couple of each so the colors can be alternated.

My address is: Jackie Orton, 3245 Clanton Creek Ln, Lorimor, IA 50149

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Lynne, the blocks are done. Hopefully in the mail tomorrow.

Here are some finished 'Double Slice Layer Cake' blocks.  As you can see, each block features 4 different fabrics, so I started with 4 10" squares:

I stacked them, and 'sliced' them so one side was 10" x 6 1/2" and the other side was 10" x 3 1/2":

Then switch up the fabrics and sew the slices back together:

Turn the block so the narrow fabric is at the top and 'slice' again, this time in half top to bottom at the 5" mark.

Pair up with a different 'half', and turn them so the wide side is next to a narrow side.  Sew, press, DONE!

Thanks, Jackie.  Now, if we make them from yellow, blue and white we need a fourth color, correct?  Each block takes 4 different fabrics so do you want us to use some prints too, as you did in the example?  Just want to make sure I'm on the right page with this ;^)

I stayed with the 3-color plan, Sandy.  I just used a combination of them in different prints/solids.

Excellent directions Jackie. I just made 8 blocks and will have them in the mail tomorrow. For some reason I thought each set of 4 squares would make 2 blocks so decided to cut 2 10'inch squares of each color while I as at it- lol. So you can use them all in one quilt or in a couple- whatever works.

I put a bunch of blocks into the mail on Friday, Jackie.  Hope they play well with others as half of them seem to be "backwards" which makes no sense since I did them all the same. Oh well, sometimes I'm backwards too.  I KNOW you can make it work; you're a quilting marvel.

Yours came in the mail today, Sandy!  Just got them out of the mailbox when I got home from quilt circle in Adel tonight.  I'll take a picture tomorrow and post it.  And thanks, too, Peg...I'll be watching for them.

Here are the blocks from Sandy along with my blocks on the design wall to give you an idea.  I didn't use the flash and didn't have the room lights on, so some of the yellows look orange...but I assure you, it is yellow!

Forgot to mention when I posted earlier that I got the quilt sent off to JoAnn today.

You girls are the best. Thanks for doing that! I have some blocks done too but need to relook at them because for some reason I didnt think I used enough white? I think now they are ok. I will get them in the mail.

Here are some blocks I received today from Peg.  Thanks, Peg!!  I made a few more today, too.  And thanks for the cash donation as well, Sandy...I failed to mention that the other day.

Jackie, I will have 10 blocks for you by tomorrow.  I also have a couple of bolts of fabric that could possibly be used as a backing material.   If you want to take a look at the bolts, let me know next time you are coming my way.


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