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Deb, you asked for the instructions for the 'Chain of Friendship' blocks, so thought I'd better post it before I forgot!  This block is 12 inch finished...12 1/2 inches unfinished.


Cut 2 white corner squares are cut 4 1/2"

Cut a 2 1/2" strip of white and yellow (blue) 15" long (I cut mine a little longer for adjusting. 

Cut 2 white squares and 2 blue (yellow) squares 4 7/8"


Sew the white and yellow (blue) strips together and press to the color.  Subcut into 2 1/2" sets...you'll need 6.  Make 3 four-patches.

Match the white and blue (yellow) 4 7/8" squares together, mark 1/4" lines on the back of the white squares and sew/cut to make 4 HSTs.

Arrange as in the picture above.

I made a couple of each so the colors can be alternated.

My address is: Jackie Orton, 3245 Clanton Creek Ln, Lorimor, IA 50149

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I've got a few blue ones I can send you, yellow is pretty much non existent in my stash.  I probably should do something about that!  I will get them to you next week.

Nancy, I will be glad to add to what you have.  I know I have plenty of blue available.  Solid yellow, may be a little harder to swing....but I will gladly help out there also.  I know where the local QS is and  I am pretty sure we will be shopping for Bettycases anyway.

Yep, sounds like a trip to the quilt shop to load up on yellow, Lynne!!  Any excuse will do!

Nancy, there are still several strips that I will give you on the 8th at Open Sew.  I have cut up a bunch of those donated strips and have enough to make TWO quilts in the 'Inglenook' pattern.  One will have yellow bars in the middle and the other quilt will have blue bars.

Sounds great Jackie and Lynne, I have some yellow so I appreciate the blue you can send.

I will dig into my stash for some blue fabric and yellow fabric, Nancy.  I know I have ample blue fabrics, but like Lynne---I am light on the yellow fabrics.

I have the 8th marked on my calendar and hope to join you ladies for the pillowcase sew day.  If so- I will bring the strips then.  If I'm unable to join you, then I will just mail the strips to you.

Oh, yay, Marcia!!  I hope the weather cooperates.

Lynne, I got your blue strips, thank you. Jackie and Deb brought some also, along with some from my stash I have a good start on another project for the 2018 challenge.


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