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In an effort not to miss any of our quilty birthdays (and following Jackie's suggestion) I am starting this discussion.  If your name isn't on the list please let us know what your birthday is and we will get it added to the list.

Marcia                              1-9

Mary G                             1-17

Marilyn K                          1-29

Andrea                             2-12

Karen                              3 -3

Joanne                             3-9

Donna D                          3-13

Maryam                           3-17

Marybeth                         3-19

Celia                                3-23

Barbara                             4-12

Darce                               4-17

Betty                                4-20

Miss Froggie                    4-20

Rhonda                            4-25

Billie M                            4-28

Linda N                            4-28

Peg                                  5-5

Melzee                             5-6

Liz                                   5-10

Lana                                5-17

Marilyn                            5-26

Helen                              6-4

Pat A                               6-6

Deb S                              6-21

Jan                                  8-8

Myra                               8-14

Jennifer H                       8-22

Carol V                           8-24

Sue G.                             8-31

Sandy                             9-29

Diane                             10-10

Patricia H                       10-20

Jackie O                         10-23

Rosie                              10-24

Nancy                            11-07

Teresa H                        11-13

Lynne                            12-11

Jody                              12-16

Joyce                              12-16


Let me know if I have any that are incorrect.


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Replies to This Discussion

Mine is April 25th

Mine is good.

But I need what color and addresses.

I probably missed it. SORRY!!!

thanks myra

Myra this is just a list of birthdays of IQ members.  Has nothing to do with the exchanges.




My birthday is August 22.

Bumping  the post to the top of the discussion forum.

Mine is April 12. 

Oh the 12th, Barbara! I am going to put that in my smart-alek phone calendar. I could spend all day putting people's birthdays in my smart-alek calendar.

~Hopppy quilting~

My b'day is May 26.

Marilyn Kidd 1-29

I don't get on very often and I just found this.  Mine is Aug 31.  Thanks. Sue

Mine is November 13th


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