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Thought that we might have a place to share idea's, websites and ask each other questions without monopolizing the main group.

I think I will keep websites in this space to make it easy to find.



Customqt.com  - Michele will custom build you a template or ruler at a really reasonable price.



 http://www.apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=28642&page=1#... tension

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTmT-Uj3yXg  tension

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRDp2LZOPv8&feature=digest_thu Boobin Cam

http://www.apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=30930  Ikea cabinets



 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u4RgOAeSJ0&feature=player_embe...- Apqs timing video

 https://www.facebook.com/#!/?sk=nf cleaning the bobbin case

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6jaVst0zqw&list=UUSBbc654SN_xB...  Frogging a quilt

http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/30399-about-those-needle-hol... getting rid of needle holes.

 http://www.urbanelementz.com/hints/pantographs/  instructions on how to line up pantographs.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1mRhcquZTM&feature=share     Jamie Wallens Tension video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOD5pLcYz3w Dawn C.  on tension and needle flex.

 http://www.quiltedjoy.com/2014/05/backing-short-longarm-machine.htm... extending backing

Recommended Video's

  "fast and free" videos from Patsy Thompson


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So I just finished my second quilt from the free hand side.  This one I used a heart template on.  Not as easy as using Deloa's ruler yesterday.  The back is not as smooth as I normally have it.  And the quilt top shifted just a little when I turned it, so I have a small ridge in the quilt top.  It's not bad enough for me to rip it out.....but still worried about my customer quilt that I have to work on next week.  The quilt is 70 by 97.  She has a fussy cut center in each block that she wants me to keep out of.  The rest of the quilt she just wants a meandering loop and 5 pointed stars.


How should I quilt it?  I mean should I work on the body of the quilt and then do the borders?  I know that means that I am going to have to turn the quilt, not looking forward to that.  Suggestions please.

Being the newbie that i am, I really can't even think about having to turn a quilt to finish it. so not much help here.But, in the books that I have read, it sounds like you start at the top border and then at least baste in the ditch to secure the 3 layers working your way down.  Could you post a pic of the quilt that needs the quilting, or is that a privacy issue, may help us to see what you have and give good advice. I did get some time in on Joanne this weekend and was working a meadering heart pattern. Doing great and then the thread broke and now issues with tight tension.  I did not give up, but did way a few cuss words! 

Deb - This is what works for me but I've just done it thru trial and error so there may be a better way :)  I quilt the top border and then baste the outside of the side borders as far down as possible and SID on the inside of the border so it can't move.  Quilt the body of the quilt as far as possible.  When I roll it I again baste the outside of the border and SID the inside - it's easy enough to hide the starts and stops with the SID.  Turn and do the side borders once everything else is done.

   If I'm doing piano keys or something like that in the border I just do the side borders as I go.  On my current quilt I'm using a different thread in the borders and sashing than in the blocks so I did all the borders and sashing first and am going back now to do the blocks.  In some quilts I do all the SID around blocks 1st and then go back and play in them :)  I like to play with diff threads so end up rolling back and forth a lot but as long as some stitching is done to hold everything in place it works.

I think Michele is the one that set up the classes I took with Deloa Jones and Sue Patten last spring.  She does a lot of Deloa's rulers.  If you ever have a chance to take a class with Deloa it is totally worth it.  

I have been debating about the piano keys on the quilt I am working on now.  Do I do it Peg's way or turn it.  The red snappers will make it much easier to turn, but if I can do it with out, I'm much rather do it that way.  If my keys are an inch apart, I think I should be fine.

Lynne is Deloa the one with a PITA fee?  I've been looking at some of her gadgets on Youtube.  I have to say that I really did like using her little one last weekend.  Made SID really easy.  But then again it was a very small quilt.  Not sure how much SID I would like to do but we will see  later this week.  Looks like I am going to have to do it on this 70 X 90 quilt.

No Sue Patten had the PITA fee.  Deloa is very down to earth and has such a neat sense of humor.  She has some really neat rulers.  Check out her website www.deloasquiltshop.com  She has a ruler on there called Ropeadope, for doing rope borders.  I'm going to order one, but haven't decided which size to get.  I have the little one but haven't used it yet.  The castle is bigger, it has lines on it which really helped too.

Lynne that ropeadope ruler would have been perfect for the quilt that I am working on now.  The quilt has all western/cowboy fabric in it.  I can honestly say I'm glad I didn't know about it when I started this quilt.  As it is she is getting this one at the E2E price.  One lady one the APQS forum said that she didn't touch a ruler for less than 4 cents psi  and even more for SID.
Lynne - I often debate with myself if I want to do piano keys on the sides as I go or turn the quilt as I find the top and bottom borders much easier to do than the side ones.  If I have any other reason to have to turn the quilt I wait and do the piano keys after turning.
ARRGGHHHH!  I now know why SID costs more!  I actually don't mind the SID, but finding the right path is so important... and moving from one path to another and trying to get the bobbin thread back up....that is where I am having problems. If had my base run into thread trails a couple of times now on the back.
Deb - How is the front side quilting going?  I'm having lots of fun in Portland but missing quilting - lol.  I do have new fabric to fondle though :)  I was just looking thru  some quilts on the MQR site and have lots of new ideas to try.

Wish I was fondling fabric! LOL 

I'm hoping to be done with the SID today.  Then I just have to turn the quilt tomorrow and do the last two borders.  At the customers request the borders are just loops, so I was able to do the top and bottom border while doing the SID.   Then the fun begins cutting all the thread trails.... Hopefully I can do that while handing out candy tomorrow night, and then infront of the TV until it is done.

MQR site huh.....I think I need to stay away from there, last thing I need is another bright idea. LOL


MQR....Peg is that the site you talked about the online class that you took or was it longarm U?  my silly mind doesn't remember!


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