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I am a Michigan quilter but have to give credit to Iowa for my love of quilting. My Great Grandmother Bray was from LaMars and I inherited 3 lovely quilts made iin the 1930's from my Grandmother Sara Bray Cushing. My Grandfather Caryle Cushing (Sioux City Morning Side ) and Sara Bray Moved to St. Joseph Mi in the 1940's and remained here. My Grandmother kept the quilts and I now have them . So thanks to Iowa for introducing me to.


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Hi Vicki,
You are lucky to have those quilts. I have a quilt my Grandmother made in the 60's from our old clothes. My sister has a quilt that our other Grandmother made. They are wonderful treasures! I didn't learn to quilt from either of my Grandmothers, my sister and I picked it up about ten years ago, we both have sewn since we were about five. We would make clothes for our Barbies and baby dolls. Now we quilt, and in the true style of sisters, our styles are totally opposite! Isn't that funny. I think it's a little sister trait I have, that I always had to do things different than she did. She is more fun now than when we were kids. I am working on some civil war quilt squares, and looking at my grandson's quilt, waiting for it to tell me how it wants to be quilted. I hope it talks soon, he keeps asking if it's done!
Welcome to the group, I don't live in Iowa either, but was encouraged to join the group. It is a good, fun group!
Glad to hear that you just wait for a quilt to tell you how to quilt it. I seem to mark it one way then look at it and quilt something completely different. I did not learn to quilt from my Grandmothers either I sewed all my life then did cross stitch then knitted finally found my thing in quilting. my sisters both quilt, neither are as obsessed as I am. So I really drive them crazy with challenges etc that they never finish but I do. If you are not from Iowa Where??
Welcome Vicki! So glad you joined us! Our group is growing rapidly and from other states, too. I believe we have Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Nebraska, Florida, and Minnesota. And of course lots of Iowans.

We have a group quilt project going on at the moment, that is in it's early stages. Sign up ends Feb. 1, so I'm bringing it to your attention, should you wish to join.

The plan is we cut 128 6 inch squares of light fabrics and 128 6 inch squares of mediums or darks. When the final tally is taken, Betty Snyder will let us know how many we are to exchange, as pairs (one light, one medium or dark), with each person that signed up. Betty is our coordinator, and Donna Diskin has put together the list of names with addresses of each participant. Betty has a number of patterns to choose from and we can also use our own. There is no time limit for completion, just the deadline to sign up so we can get started.

I have never done this by mail, but enjoyed the one my small group in town did. It was terrific. We'd love to have you join us. You would need to give your address to Betty and Donna for the list, if you choose to join, so we can exchange squares.

My husband's mother died two years ago and we brought back many quilts that his mother, grandmother and great grandmother had made. They are just a joy to have in the house.

Again, WELCOME!!!!

That really sounds like a good project to do. I will contact Betty about this. Our guild just did a year of exchanging charm squares and then making quilts from them. I will try to get a picture of the one that I did they really turned out to be alot of fun. It was our quilds 25 aniversary and we had to use at lest 25 squares I used many many many more .

Hi Vicki, I was a Michigan quilter too, until I moved back home to Iowa 2007. Welcome to the group! When I was in Michigan, I lived in the Ann Arbor area. I was able to get back to Michigan last year for a visit and managed to stop by my favorite quilt store, of course.
Ann Arbor is quite a drive but what was your favorite quilt store, we make trips to Cabbelas about 45 min south of Ann Arbor when I take pity on my poor husband, but I always like to find something for me on the trips.

Its called the The Quilting Season. The address is 7025 East Michigan Avenue, #A3, Saline. Its located in a little strip mall. I used to live about 5-10 minutes away from the shop - which was wonderful in some ways, but sometimes the temptation go buy fabric was way to easy to give into being that close. LOL.
Thanks I will have to remember it for when we are over that way. I also have a lovely quilt shop about 1/2 mile from my home run by a friend, which got to be just to tempting. She thought she knew what I wanted and was buying things she knew i would just want to buy. So I do not go there very often. I go to shops that I can sort of think clearly, my stash proofs that I really haven't mastered the think clearly part. But i don't feel pushed into a sale . Quilt shops to close to home are not a good thing.

One of my quilts that I treasure most was made by my Grandmother before she married as a teenager for her "Hope Chest". Since she was born in 1869 I'm guessing it is 112-114 years old. Such tiny quilting stitches! At that age, I wouldn't have had the patience to do the workmanship on this. I'd like to know more about preserving an old quilt. I learned to quilt from my mother, who made many quilts. I also have my maternal grandmother's wedding gown, all hand stitched with tiny little pin tucks covering the bodice. How many young girls today would have the skill to make their own gown, and we have these fabulous sewing machines and sergers to work with instead of doing it all by hand!


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