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Hello fellow IQ Swappers- This is a swap of quilt patterns and the plan is to mail a pattern to EACH person who signs up.

Patterns may be a duplicate pattern of one you already have, a pattern that no longer interests you, or a pattern you've already made and only plan to make once. 

I know we should not be "selective" (aka: picky) since these patterns are to be gifts from our fellow IQers, but I prefer not to waste postage to mail a pattern to someone who does not care to do that pattern's technique (such as applique, paper piecing, embroidery, etc).  So I am going to allow us to be a little more flexible by encouraging swap participants to share their likes & dislikes when it comes to pattern selection.  This is to better ensure that the recipient will likely use that pattern.  And if by chance- the mailer does not have a pattern that fits the receiver's taste, we will go with the motto: "YOU GET WHAT YOU GET & YOU DON'T HAVE A FIT"!!!  :)

Please leave a message below if you wish to be a participant of this swap.  Include any comments regarding your pattern preferences.  You may also include comments regarding a non-quilt project- such as purse patterns, bags/totes patterns, table runner patterns, apron patterns, etc.  Some of us just might have a pattern that fits your needs in that area. But remember: there are NO guarantees that you will receive that 'perfect' pattern to your liking, even though valid attempts will be made whenever possible!  (AND- if you happen to receive a pattern that you do not like, bring it to the Garage Sale at our August Retreat!  I promise we will all be wearing our Big Girl Panties and will not have hurt feelings if we see a pattern we had gifted to someone in this swap sitting out on the Garage Sale table! LOL)   

Sign up must be by April 20th and our mailing date will be May 1st.  May 1st is traditionally "May Basket Day" when as a child you would knock on the individual's door, drop off a surprise (usually a basket of popcorn & treats or some flowers), and then.... RUN!  Well, we can look at our swap this way:  the surprise quilt patterns will be delivered to our door and it will be our IQ friends who gifted them!  (NO running involved in this May Basket drop off!  LOL)

After the April 20th deadline, I will type up the addresses of all the participants and send the list to everyone via this site's INBOX message system.

PARTICIPANTS & their Wish List:

JAN- precut patterns, bags & purses patterns, and scrappy patterns.  

JOYCE- applique patterns... and is open to most any pattern!

LYNNE- table runner patterns and any other pattern that is not  an appliqué pattern, paper piecing pattern, or purse pattern!

MARCIA- scrappy patterns (especially scrappy STARS) and precut patterns. (NO applique or paper piecing patterns.)

MARYBETH- open to anything, so SURPRISE her!

NANCY- scrappy patterns, paper piecing patterns, wool patterns, and needle punch patterns.

SANDY- paper piecing patterns, precut patterns (especially 5" charm patterns), table runner patterns, and wall hanging patterns.  (NO scrappy patterns or appliqué patterns!)

***Please be aware that NONE of the participants wish to receive any clothing/garment patterns!  


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As an example, I will start by doing the first post!

I love scrappy patterns (especially stars) and patterns specifically aimed at using precuts (strips/charms/FQs).

But I am not partial to patterns involving appliqué or paper piecing.

Thanks for setting this up, Marcia.  I KNOW it will be great fun to get all those patterns.  Please don't send me scrappy patterns!  I don't think I need to explain that LOL!  I am trying to get more into paper piecing so would like that type of pattern as long as it's not too complicated with 1001 pieces ;^) I don't do clothing, bags, purses etc..  I do like things that use pre-cuts, especially 5" squares. I also don't  do the "A Word"!

Count me in!!  I like all kinds of patterns.  I really don't want any garment patterns as I no longer have any interest in those.  Bags and purses patterns are okay, even if I don't do a lot of them.  I love patterns that use precuts, e.I. 2.5" strips, charm squares, etc.  Scrappy is okay.  Actually, I'll be thrilled to get any and all the patterns you choose to send me!!!  I love opening packages!!!

I think it's a fun idea but I have passed on most of my "tired of" or "duplicate" or "why'd I buy this?" or "never do again" patterns to quilting friends already.  I don't think I would be able to come up with more than 3 or 4 I'd want to part with at this point in  time.  So I'll pass this time even though it sounds like a really neat exchange.

I have a whole pile of patterns waiting for new homes.  I will leave it up I the air what kind I get, if it isn'r one I will use, I'll just pass it on.

Joyce is signing up for the pattern exchange.  She says she is open to anything except apparel patterns.  She loves the A word.  She is wondering if embroidery patterns were okay to give away, she had a couple she wanted to find a new home.

I am also signing up for the exchange.  I love scrappy and open to paper piecing patterns, also would love wool patterns and even needle punch if there are any out there needing a home.  I am excited about this and if anyone would like a giant pin cushion collage pattern, you can get 2 patterns from me!!!

My first thought is that those who have an embroidery machine and would like those types of patterns should clearly state that in their post.  For those who don't have the equipment the patterns would not be used.

I will also sign up, though I really need to read the instructions more carefully so I fully understand the undertaking :-)

I am TRYING to grasp the SCAPPY vibe, though it is tough for me......I have tubs and tubs of scraps that I keep finding. BUT I am open to anything except clothes and I have a ton of bag patterns that are cool but I never seem to make any. :-(

Marybeth, you know how I have avoided scrappy for many years....they make my eyes cross!  But I have seen some beautiful quilts on this list that are "controlled scrappy" and that is what I will aim for as I stretch the envelope.  To take a bunch of different blues, a bunch of different whites etc. and have them together to read as one color makes sense and looks good.  It's the ones that put the dots next to the stripes next to the plaids next to the flowers that cause me to break out the Foster Grants LOL!!

Joyce has hand embroidery patterns, not machine patterns that she was inquiring about, I will just tell her to keep them and give them to me.  :)

Well, Nancy...that's a horse of a different color (as the old cowboys here at OPC say!)  Hand embroidery is something lots of people might enjoy but again, they can state that in their description of what types of patterns they would like.   OH, wait a minute....YOU wanted them LOL!!

I'm pretty sure I brought all of my extra patterns to the garage sale last time I came to retreat, because there aren't that many left in the basket I keep them in, so I guess I'm out for this swap.  


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