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Several of you members have mentioned that we start a discussion sharing any interesting web site that shares quilt patterns or tutorials.  Well, here is that discussion page

Now let's start posting any and all those wonderful web sites you have discovered while browsing through quilt blogs and other quilt related sites!  :) 

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Here's a tutorial on how to make an organizer (complete with pockets) using an ice cream bucket:


WOW!  This site has about every quilt pattern you could think of or ever want!!!  Enjoy:



I found this BOM for barn quilts. They are Wisconsin barns, maybe an Iowa quilter can do one on Iowa Barn quilts. OOPS! I think an Iowa quilter put some IA barn quilts in a book due out soon (or is it already out?)

I came across this site and thought those of you who do not have a quilting program might like it.


Wow this could be fun!  I changed the colors to red, black and cream, and found some beautiful quilts.

Thanks Marcia!


What a fun site.  My nephew wants a blue and white quilt (Colts fan) .  He's coming down sometime this summer so we can decide on a pattern and fabric.  I think I'll let him play on this site for a while to get some ideas of what he'd like.
Thanks, Marcia!  What a great site.  I have EQ5 but really never got the hang of using it, mainly because I wasn't willing to put in the time to learn it..



This is a group you can join where a "famous" quilter does a brief tutorial on free motion quilting each month.  It's demo'd on domestic machines but the designs could easily be used on LA's also.

Thanks, Peg!  I'm so glad my Italian mother taught me the fine art of nagging LOL!  Just ask my long-suffering DH ;^)

LOL   DH would say I deserve it since I'm pretty good at bugging him to get things done :)

Oh this is dangerous! I could spend the whole day checking out these sites!

~Hopppy quilting~

Here are the websites for the paper piecing.....



Does anyone else get the daily emails from Quilting Daily??  In today's email there was the cutest instructions for small wall hanging with birds.  I tried to copy and paste the picture, but it's formatted wrong for here.  If anyone would like to see the instructions for it let me know and I'll email it to you.  Very cute and looks fast and easy.


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