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Several of you members have mentioned that we start a discussion sharing any interesting web site that shares quilt patterns or tutorials.  Well, here is that discussion page

Now let's start posting any and all those wonderful web sites you have discovered while browsing through quilt blogs and other quilt related sites!  :) 

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This is a cute idea for all those wilth little ones....Grandmas, too!  http://www.quiltviews.com/grandmas-perfect-gift?utm_source=delivra&...

This on line class on quick paper piecing looks good.  I think I'm going to take it.


I've been thinking about taking it, too, Melzee! 


I don't know why I didn't share this class with you. This is the one I am taking, Melzee, I just love it. I hadn't heard of Peggy before, but she is a wonderful teacher. You and Jackie should take it, too, then we can compare our projects! I am almost finished quilting my first attempt. It's fun, I think I am addicted.

~Hopppy quilting~

My table topper is from this class. I am ready to take lesson 2 now, but will probably do something with the two extra blocks first. I think next time I will pick fabrics that are bigger than a FQ, so I can see the spinning pinwheels better. Did you two sign up for the class yet? Come on! Join me!

~Hopppy quilting~

Cool free pattern site


Binding from the front that looks like it has piping:


Thanks, Lynn...Now I'll know just where to find it.  I HATE binding things so this looks like it might be more doable IF, as Pat mentioned, a person can sew a straight seam LOL

This site is for a group that donates quilts to many causes.  If you go their links box on the right and click on instructions you'll be taken to a page with directions for lots of scrap quilts.




This is a website with printable grids, regular grids, hexagon grids, diamond grids.   You can choose the exact size you need, and print.   Very helpful in english paper piecing.   It is free.

I don't know if this qualifies as a tutorial but I enjoy Bonnie Hunter's blog Quiltville and Quips.  She has also been doing a live web stream feed as she sews the last four nights.  Its been a hoot and motivating to sew along with her.  Unfortunately she will not be Streaming live for at least the next 10 days as she will be hosting a quilt trip to Bali.  I expect to follow along with her when she returns at the beginning of Sept.  She gives tips as she is sewing and answers questions as they are sent to her.  It is almost like being at a workday with your quilt girlfriends.


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