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Several of you members have mentioned that we start a discussion sharing any interesting web site that shares quilt patterns or tutorials.  Well, here is that discussion page

Now let's start posting any and all those wonderful web sites you have discovered while browsing through quilt blogs and other quilt related sites!  :) 

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This is the link I found re: binding

I have finished a four part series on binding a quilt, from start to finish.  It is on my blog with tons of pictures.  Here are the links -


Part 1 Making Bias Binding


Part 2 Sewing to the Quilt


Part 3 Joining the Binding Ends


Part 4 Stitching down the edge


It will show how to get perfect mitered corners on both sides, with explanation of why it works in part 2 and in part 4.   I hope this is helpful, and please feel free to Pin or link to the blog.


This is a wonderful feathrer quilting class.  She used to charge for it and was going to write a book but never got it done so is now offering the class for free or a donation if you so desire.  I started this the day I got my LA and have loved feathers ever since. :)

Thanks Peg I think I will check it out. It certainly could help me. HA HA

Here you go, Sandy!!   The link for the row quilt by AQS...http://www.quiltviews.com/new-the-aqs-quiltweek-row-by-row-quilt


very good tutorial on measuring borders accurately

Stripe/plain block similar to Marcia's Stripe Quilt


Thanks, Lynne !


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