Quilt With Us

Froggie ~ Aug 4th

Froggie ~ July 23rd

Froggie ~ July 19th

Handstitcher ~ July 4th

Carol Ann ~ June 21st

Carol Ann ~ June 21st

Carol Ann ~ June 21st

Froggie ~ June 20th

Froggie ~ June 20th

Froggie ~ June 20th

Handstitcher ~ June 7th

Handstitcher ~ June 7th

Carol Ann ~ June 6th

Kathleen ~ May 30th

Kathleen ~ May 30th

Froggie ~ May 27th

Carol Ann ~ May 26th

Carol Ann ~ May 26th

Carol Ann ~ May 19th

Froggie ~ May 18th

Sheila ~ May 12th

Agnes ~ May 8th

Marge ~ May 3rd

Marge ~ May 3rd

Marge ~ May 3rd

Marge ~ May 3rd

Marge ~ May 3rd

Marge ~ May 3rd

Agnes ~ May 3rd

Marge ~ May 3rd

Marge ~ May 3rd

Carol Ann ~ May 3rd

Agnes ~ May 2nd

Mari ~ May 3rd

Barbara ~ May 1st

Carol Ann ~ April 20th

Agnes ~ April 20th

Mari ~ April 19th

Kathleen April 18th

Kathleen ~ April 19th

Sheila ~ April 17th

Agnes ~ April 14th

Kathy ~ April 10th


Carol Ann ~ April 6th

Carol Ann ~ April 6th

Handstitcher ~ April 4th

Barbara ~ Mar 30th

Handstitcher ~ Mar 29th

Handstitcher ~ Mar 29th

Rita ~ March 28th

Froggie ~ Mar 28th

Froggie ~ Mar 28th

Ranchmom ~ Mar 25th

Thel ~ Mar 24th

Rita ~ March 18th

Carol Ann ~ March 15th

Carol Ann ~ March 15th

Mari ~ March 15th

Agnes ~ March 9th

Rita ~ March 8th

Barbara ~ March 7th

Ranchmom ~ March 3rd

Carol Ann ~ March 1st

Kathy ~ March 1st

Mari ~ March 1st

Froggie ~ Feb 29th

Handstitcher ~ Feb 29th

Barbara ~ Feb 28th

Handstitcher ~ Feb 24th

Agnes ~ Feb 23rd

Sheila ~ Feb 22nd

Agnes ~ Feb 19th

Carol Ann ~ Feb 17th

handstitcher ~ February 16th

Mari ~ Feb 16th

Handstitcher ~ Feb 15th

Janet ~ Feb 10th

Debra ~ Feb 9th

Thel ~ Feb 7th

Agnes ~ Feb 4th

Janet ~ Feb 4th

Carol Ann ~ Feb 2nd

Carol Ann ~ February 2nd

Froggie ~ Feb 2nd

Mari ~ Feb 2nd

Handstitcher ~ Feb 1st

Handstitcher ~ Feb 1st

Thel ~ Jan 31st

Kathleen ~ Jan 31st

Thel - Jan 29th

Rita ~ Jan 27th

Thel ~ Jan 25th

Carol Ann ~ Jan 25th

Agnes ~ Jan 24th

Barbara ~ Jan 23rd

Janet ~ Jan ~ 23rd

Kathy ~ Jan 22nd

Thel ~ Jan 22nd

Agnes ~ Jan 19th

Carol Ann ~ Jan 19th

Mari ~ Jan 19th

Handstitcher ~ Jan 18th

Barbara ~ Jan 18th

Janet ~ Jan 17th

Debra ~ Jan 16th

Agnes ~Jan 16th

Rita ~ Jan 15th

Kathy B ~ Jan 15th

Cindy ~ Jan 14th

Thel ~ Jan 13th

Kathleen ~ Jan 11th

Marge ~ Jan 11th

Sheila ~ Jan 10th

ra57 ~ Jan 9th

Barbara ~ Jan 8th

Thel ~ January 6th

Carol Ann ~ Jan 6th

Mari ~ Jan 5th

Glamor Shot

Thel ~ Jan 3rd

Sheila ~ Nov 22nd

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Replies to This Discussion

Oh what fun to see them all together, Thank you Mari.

You're welcome Rita!

What a wonderful display of all of our adorable Itty Bitty's.  Thanks Mari for doing this for us.  So much fun going through all of the different interpretations.

You are so good to us, Mari! Thanks for setting up this discussion. It is fun to see all the itty bitty's together. I can get some ideas of what I want to do for mine. Myra and I are getting together tomorrow to work on ours. 


SEW cute! I love how everyone seems to think just a little bit differently! (Well, some are A LOT different!). Isn't it great???

Great idea to group all the pics together... So much easier to see. Thanks!

I so enjoyed seeing all of the ones that we had seen over the months. I'm glad that I have the book and will someday have the time and energy to make a set as well. Thanks Mari, for putting together such a neat book and our group!!!


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