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Gosh....February is here already! January flew by so quickly, I tried to spend some time in the sewing room almost every day....made progress, but no finishes.

My list for February:

1. Finish hand stitching binding on Scrapitude (2016)

2. Finish 4 Quilts for Kids and get them in the mail (2017)

3. Make the rest of the Milky Way blocks (2010)

4. Finish setting the Windowpanes quilt together (2016)

Hoping to go to another retreat in Colorado next weekend. Keeping fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate.

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I made progress on the Blue Disappearing 9-patch, but it still needs binding so, it's back on this month's list. And no, I didn't get the borders on En Provence, but I want to do so this weekend for the final Link-Up which I suspect is Monday. Now, if I can just figure out how to work full time (at least there is no commute), get to the gym, walk for 30 minutes on the days I don't go to the gym, cook and keep the kitchen clean, throw in a night on the town a couple of times a month (I've convinced my husband to take dance lessons! First class is Friday night.), watch my 2 or 3 must see shows, ready and still quilt I'll have it made.  I guess it's time to find some more books on CDs to listen to. 

So keeping it simple again.

  • Get the borders on En Provence.
  • Bind the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch.
  • Progress on the Cream & Green Swap quilt.
  • Look for the pattern for the quilted zipper box.

It does seem like we are so busy it is hard to fit everything into a day or a week. I always have good intentions, but never seem to be able to follow through with everything I want to do.

En Provence is now a quilt top. On to binding the D9P.

Pam, it is beautiful, I still need to finish mine, but it is going to have to wait I think.

That's gorgeous Pam......WOW!

The Blue Disappearing 9-Patch is now finished.

Congratulations on another finish! It is really pretty.

I haven't done a list for the month in quite awhile, but I think it really does help me get projects done. I need to get some of these projects done and out of the way.
1.quilt and bind heart and spool quilt.
2. sandwich and quilt 2016 QWU mystery quilt
3. Work on scarecrow quilt form 1998 I believe.
4. Work on embroidery farm animal quilt blocks.

My list for February is late, but I am still going to try and get some things done.

#1. Embroidery on block 15 of Dream Garden, and get the applique done on block 16

#2 Purple Grandmother's Choice quilt blocks into a quilt top.

#3 Work on Valentines's UFO
#4 Work on Dream Garden baskets embroidery.

Good luck everyone!

Hmmm... I only got number 1 done.   

Better luck next month!

Where did February go? I made some progress and added more projects to my list!

1. Scrapitude is finished.

2. Worked on the 4 Quilts for Kids, ready to sandwich and quilt.

3. Over half done with the Milky Way blocks.

4. Did not work on Windowpanes quilt.

I did a wall hanging for an Unusual Fabric Challenge in another group and started cutting Cotton Harvest.


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