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Here are our works of Ahhhh .... except for BB who is still searching for hers.  BB: did you look under that pile in the corner?  I know you will find it ... no hurries, no worries.

Pics below in order:










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Count me in BJ! Sounds like fun, fun, fun.

Yup, me too!

me to me too

Please count me in. When I get my "real" computer back from shop, I'll look more at the specifics and details.


YES!!!!! I am determined to do this!!!! :)  Ok, well that sounds a bit over enthusiastic and well.... this may be the ramblings of a demented woman... I'll TRY to do this.  There! That sounds more like me. :)  Thanks BJ

Cindy, Gwen, Sharon, Terri, Brenda, BB.... got you all added. Room for more!  

I'm afraid to say yes. I have a house to empty and other things on my mind, but I'll give it a try. I can't get to the house every day, and Lord knows I could use some major sewing therapy! So I'm giving you a yes. I mean, really, if that demented Barb from Down Under can get into this..... Oops! Did I say that out loud again? LOL

lol!  and I'm saying "yes" to your being here!  It's only a few minutes of 'AHHH' therapy time to do it anyway...

(...and with Brenda's 'Font', two great therapy's to keep us focused! Plenty of snow for me, anyway, to keep me busy for while, in between working on the quilt on the frame ; )

WooHoo! Glad you are joining in.  Yes, I think you need this. :D

I heard you!  But of course it is true!!! :) 

It sounds like fun, though I haven't a clue about what helps me to relax and go "AHHHHHHH", as it's been a long while since I have done that.  My wrist problem has put me soooo far behind, too.  All of which is why I SHOULD do this!  Please let me think about it a little bit to see if I can come up with the germ of an idea, and I'll be tentatively a "maybe" for now.


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