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 A Walk In The Woods. Thinking of doing a challenge- it will be interconnecting ,  it would be  a path through the woods, with just a path where we can do what we want  as long as the path entrance and exit remains the  according to the pattern  What would be a good size for this?

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Sharon, I'm having a bit of trouble with my brain figuring out what you're meaning. Not quite sure about interconnecting and would we be using one pattern?  I do have ideas about what would be along the pathway. So if you could expand a bit in the instructions, I would be very appreciative. Thanks a bunch. Sounds like a fun project.

hmm, a bit more clarification, please.  Would we each do a part and send it to you to finish? How would the beginning and ending finish? It does sound intriguing, and I'd have an idea along the pathway too. 

If this is a slice type quilt with each of us making one piece I would like to take part please.

it is  kind of a  slice quilt , but  the only thing connecting the slices is the path. I will work up a pattern  that will explain better  this weekend but the problem I have is the dimensions. I want it to be doable - not too big but big enough to get detail.

Sounds great, Sharon. I'm in.

Sounds like a fun idea to do a connecting path! Anyone remember what the size of the block were for the Pond quilt we did a few years ago? (Hmmm..... I may still have my square traced out on a piece of plastic in my file drawer somewhere.....)

I'm in! 

how does 18 by 21 sound- is it too big?

Sharon, post what you have in mind you'd like us to do, that'll give us a better idea for our part.

Do we each do a part of the path and send to you for a final piece for yourself? We could do a 4"-6" wide piece at whatever height you want the final to be.

It could also be fun to have postcard sized (vertical) and we all make one for each person in the challenge and send them on so we each get a path picture. Hmmmmm?

Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind. I'm in.

wow!  I like the pc idea too!

Would love to be part of this at lest my heart is saying yes but my body is not complying, so will hold off for now to see how involve it is. Not sure if my brain isn't working but I am not quite getting the picture.

I will post the pattern sometime this week as I have off from school


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