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When you make your mini's does it take just as long as making a big quilt?? is it just as much work?? do you put more detail into your mini project??

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I think they have all the parts of a large quilt, but they are easier in that you are not working with something so large. I like that they don't take as long, and they allow me to try different patterns. As for detail, I just did a tumbling block mini that I would never have done full size and I quilted around each sixty degree diamond, so I guess I do put more detail into the mini. It also gave me the opportunity to do some hand piecing, which I wouldn't have tackled if it had been a large quilt.
you are right Budsmom... I find that with a mini you also have to think of the scale of the fabrics you are going to use.."think small". To me with all the wonderfull Kaffee Fabs and their big huge prints it is not as easy. I see lots of 1930's prints cause of the size in mini quilts.
We had a guest speaker at our guild last night and she does beading..I think I will try a little with my mini that I am working on now and hope I don't get addicted in something else..LOL!! just a little for some shimmer...
Hand quilting a mini is a little more difficult to.. there are more condensed seams to work with.
Good points. I am drawn to mini prints, so me and mini quilts fit. I have wanted to do beading but haven't tried it yet. I used metallic thread on my Christmas tree quilt, it was not fun, since it breaks easily. I later thought why didn't I just add some shiny beads while I was quilting. LOL
I bought some striped fabric that had tiny shapes between the stripes I thought it would be cute on a mini as an inner border, like between some mini flying geese. I guess I need to get some other fabrics to go with it, sounds like another mini n the making.
Working on the Radiant Star I would say it almost does.. it would depend on how much piecing is involved this was alot of piecing and then DF machine quilted it for me.. she made it look so easy!! she had it done in 2 hours all wonderful feathers. I had the perfect thread to go with it. The mini's I had made for this auction did take a bit of work I think your really have to watch your accuracy cause you would surely see the errors with great magnitude!!
Mini's are great that it also gives us the opportunity to do a new technique in a smaller version and not a whole huge quilt
Yes I think it does in some cases. I have one I'm starting and I am so excited I want to get it done so I can post a picture, but I may cheat a post a mid way. :) You will see what I mean about how much work when I post the picture. Glad to be part of the group. Talk to you later. Lynn
okay now you have my curiosity peaked...cough it up girl would love to see it even partially done.
I want to see it too!
My Kansas Troubles Club is doing a series of minis. They are so precious. Little table toppers, etc. - I've done two and I love them. I get one done in a couple of days - satisfies my need to get something accomplished. My big quilts are very time consuming and I have two in work right now - but the mini's give me a sense of accomplishment.

I love the small pieces and the intricate details... but on a small project. I couldn't be patient enough to do all that on a big quilt... It is just another addiction...lol
Kathy are you posting your pics in your album? I would love to see your mini's. You are right I just finished 2 of them for a swap that I am doing on Quilters Bloggers and now I have to decide which one to send. It took me one movie to put the prepared binding on both and then I went to bed happy knowing they were done... as my big quilt that is on the frame was tapping is foot going you know you could have put a couple of stitches in me too..LOL
I am waiting for my camera to get its battery charged to take pics..


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