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I was wondering if any of you have found a good pattern book of minis or a magazine that is helpful with tips and ideas.

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Budsgram good question. I didn't answer right away cause I had to think about it. I have most of the Miniature Mags that were sold as my collection of incentives. I know there are copies that are being sold on EBAY if you would like to look there. I have not found another mag like them since and was very disappointed when they discontinued.
I know Quiltersnewsletter has a mini paperpieced pattern they print on their bulletin board every time they have a new addition. Some mags will post a mini quilt now and then but it is amazing how the market really does not promote these more!! there is a mini on line that is free right now the avatar on the right is a block from it called Noah's Ark I have posted the link
I learned a very helpful tip when I started with my mini's keep a hammer handy. Why? you ask for those very bulky seams that are hard to quilt through. If you hammer it gentle it breaks it down a little and will help the seams lie flatter. I also will iron all my seams open and use Aurofil thread which reduces your seams bulk..
Be very accurate when cutting and sewing your mini's cause whatever mistake you make will magnify in 3fold on a mini!! well here are a few tips anyone else??
I have never made a mini, only small quilts. So I am excited to be a part of this group so I will get my rear in gear and make a mini!
Like Betweens, I recommend the Miniatures Quilts Magazines. I got all of mine on Ebay. I was very patient and waited for a large lot to show up and I got them for a good price. Miniature Quilts Magazine also put out three "best of" books that you can pick up on ebay or amazon.com.
I love the tip about the hammer! I never would have thought of that.
Welcome Cheryl,
I love the picture of the chicken. Is that your pet or do you raise chickens? I too am looking forward to learning about making minis and sharing with the rest of this group.
Yeah you had directed me to that site when I asked you about your avatar. I have seven out of the eleven embroidered. I still have the ark, noah and the giraffes, the dove , the birds and turtles, and the elephant left to do. They are alot of work, but fun. It should be cute when it is done. I don't remember if she showed the finished product on the site. I saw a photo of the pieces embroidered and the log cabin style strips sewn on but the blocks were not sewn together. I guess I should go back and check it out. I traced all of the blocks on one piece of muslin, and plan to finish them all then go to my stash and figure out what to do to combine the blocks. LOL nothing like winging it. Thanks for the info, I am really enjoying it but then I have a thing for Noah,
Lynette has a flickr album of all the quilts that have been completed so far in the Noah's Ark miniature quilt.. do take a look on her site.. she has the link there.
I got my "stash" of Miniature Quilt magzines from e-bay a few years ago. They were good for ideas. Now I use all the ads from magazine subscriptions and all the other flyers you get in the mail for the large quilts to give me ideas to make minis. You can usually make a mini from most and since I have a computer to use to design any foundations I may need the choices are endless. I also just learned about the Aurofil thread and that sure does make a difference. Though I am curious about the "small needle" size, what is that needle?
I am going to take my first lesson on EQ6 and hope to be able to design a few mini's that way to get my feet with the technology.. i have finally learned to go small first if you like it then go big...LOL
aurofil is the best for mini's that is for sure the thread is strong but not as thick easier to press those seams.
I use a quilting needle when I am machine piecing.. you will see a Q after the size that makes your holes smaller it makes a difference as well..
Another thing in making minis is the weight of the fabric..Not all cottons are the same. The heavier the weight the harder it is to get your seams to lay flat. When you stroll your fabric store and feel the fabric, examine the thread count you will see what I mean. When I sew my blocks together I use 1.0 to 1.5 setting for stitching (normal is 2.5). As Betweens says thread is very important, Aurefil is a two-ply italian cotton thread, very fine and holds well.
I ordered the best of minature quilts this morning from Amazon. I can't wait until it gets here. I had to do some shopping this morning and then I worked out in the yard. I am so tired right now I don't know that I can get off of this love seat and even get dinner started. I thought I would check emails before I started dinner but that may have been a bad idea. Oh well, off to make dinner.
congrats Budsgram.. the first step to creating a mini.. it will be a good book to help with tips and techniques.. I would advise you to practice a 1/4in seam to make sure it is accurate when you start your mini's if you are out it really shows.. not that I don't think you do but larger quilts are a little forgiving..
Yeah, I know what you mean. I have quarter inch foot on my machine that really has made a difference for me. I also have heard that you should use a very thin needle. Most of my sewing machine needles are quilting needles since that is all I use my machine for, so I guess I should invest in some thin needles to piece minis with. Thanks for the advice. I still am in awe of your star mini. I wouldn't even try that pattern on a large scale let alone a mini.
Budsgram.. I had been carousing my Fon's and Porter mags and found that they have put in mini quilts in their earlier additions.. if you have their mags I would take a look..


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