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I was wondering if any of you have found a good pattern book of minis or a magazine that is helpful with tips and ideas.

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Quiltastic.. thanks so much for the list of fabulous mini's and right at our door step!! you are right even the dear jane's work.. I also have a link to a midget block from sentimental stitches.. she still has the blocks up.. Midget blocks and don't forget that nearly insane quilt as well.. they are supposed to be mini blocks as well..
One idea I do for mini's is to scan a pattern and then print it out as small as I want a block to be. There is also a wonderful mini pineapple book by Jane Hall if you all are interested in that pattern.
pineapple patterns are alot of work but really worth it in the end.. especially if you want to get into your scrap bag good suggestion Gwen
Thanks for the suggestions. I had not heard of a couple of theses. Happy quilting
House of White Birches has a book called Illustrated Guide to Scrap Miniature Magic by Christine Carlson. I just happened to pull it off my shelf 2 days ago, and was thinkkin.....and that's about as far as I got! Then I discovered our group here, and am curious to see what ya'll are turning out! I hope that you are able to find this book. I am pleased with it.
Just wanted to let everyone know about a REALLY simple pattern that can be used for big to Mini quilts. My quilt group did a field trip to a quilt shop near by and they gave us an instructiion sheet on this quilt pattern; let your imagination run wild. You make a nine patch block (I used 2" squares) with what ever size you are comfortable with; then cut into fourths (verticle and horizontal), then just rearrange so that the center blocks meet. You can see a sample on MY PAGE.. just look for "Home spun" photo. I am doing another with browns and golds that should be finished shortly.
At a quilt show last fall, I found a vendor that specialized in paper pieced minis - they were so cute I just had to buy several patterns. Then I saw they had a larger quilt that I also loved.l He said his daughter had made the mini as the pattern directed and that his wife had enlarged the pattern 200% to do the bed quilt. Don't know why I thought of that.

It should work the same way for decreasing the sizes, right?
you are so right Suzanne.. the only thing is to be talented enough to do it..LOL

Hello Everyone,,,I just ordered a pattern from Lori Smith,,,Miniature Jacobs Ladder,,front and back,,,I am confused as how her site works..I was expecting a PDF..but I will receive the pattern by snail mail..Anyone know how this Lori Smith site works??

Thanks for posting this site Quiltastic,,,

Linda J


Wow, this group hasn't been active in a long while,,,where can I find FREE miniature quilts on the Internet..don't have the extra cash for Ebay....

Please post if any,

Linda J



Hello Everyone,, I was watching Nancy Zieman (?) on TV..and she had a lady on her show demonstrating Amish mini quilts..couldn't resist the book and the CD..so I purchased them..also at my quilt guild this year the BOM are Amish quilt kits, I also purchased those two sets and they are 12 1/2" blocks with fabric and instructions..I haven't been to a guild meeting,,a friend of mine picked them all up for me from July 2012 to the present,,can't wait to get with her sometime soon. I should have enough mini's to make from the Nancy show book and CD.

Take care and if you find something to post please do so..Janpateks has Applique patterns another passion of mine...Linda J  VA


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