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voila!! well this is one of the mini quilts. I found this pattern in the Miniature quilt mag and each of those little diamonds are 1/4...Now to think of the quilting..should I try to machine?? I have been practicing.. all those seams are not the easiest to quilt through. I have them all ironed open
pic is missing till i figure out why it is not displaying properly you can see it in my profile if need be by clicking on my name

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I forgot to mention.. this one was many, many, many "y" seams.. did I say many!!
Did you hand piece this?
OMG! This is beautiful. That is alot of seams. Why not just keep the quilting in the background and something spectacular in the border.
Wow, this mini is beautiful. Someone once told me--if the design on the fabric or the pattern has a lot of detail, the quilting won't show up. Simple quilting would be best. The star is wonderful in itself. Maybe quilt in the blue fabrics and in the borders. Great job!
I think you all are right. I have seen the big quilts that just have the lines radiating out from the star.. I guess that is what I will go.. use the KISS method (keep it simple silly) sometimes we just get to many thoughts in our head!
I machine pieced the whole project.. it is much easier to do that than to hand piece.. I will keep the hand piecing to my Dear Janies that I am working on..LOL- oh and all the applique projects and quilting projects.. oh the dilemma so much to do and so little time!!
All I can say is...WOW! Love the colors!
Hello.. all did you know our membership is up to 27!! that is very exciting!! I know I have promised to post another mini.. this one I am finishing for our Mini Auction in Toronto Ontario May 13th.. if you would like more info you can go to this blog. (the mini is put into my album it is redwork. I tried on here but the pic is elongated and looked teeeeeerrrrrible!!
You will see more mini's that our guild is making and donating.. I am going to make a slide show of most of the mini's I have received.. they are great incentives!!
Thank you so much for posting the minis from your guild. It is very helpful to see them next to everyday quilting tools. You can really appreciate what it takes to make them.
Also I must have been sleeping,I just took a look at the Bridal Bouquet, it's absolutely gorgeous! Love the color!
HI Char.. the Bridal Bouquet the blocks are only 2 inches and paper pieced it is one of Carol Doak patterns ..thanks for the compliments..
Wow! I just spent over an hour going thru the blog, I really enjoyed the pictures. You definitely have some talented quilters making some great minis. The tiny baltimore album blew me away. I zoomed in on it and it is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!
I have to post more I have about 30 more that are amazing I will do that tomorrow.. it is computer day tomorrow have to make the flyer for the show and all...LOL right now(well almost just having a dinner break) I am putting the binding on the mini stocking quilt..
I put 2 more mini's in my album if you would like to take a look or go to my blog
maybe you can vote on which I should send


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