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It will be fun to save the surprise for those still working on their quilts. Please share pictures showing the borders you added, if any. Share your labels and hanging sleeves too. Closeups of the quilting itself would be a real treat for everyone to see. I can hardly wait to flip through the beautiful album of quilt pictures we will have created.

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I got anxious to finish some of my projects for Summer, this was one on the list. Here is my photo without the border.  I like it.  When I get my training on my machine for quilting, I think I'm going to try to do an all over clover or shamrock design (to stay with the green theme)!  Like anything else I could change my mind between now and then!

Diane - I love it! The greens really work together well in this design. 

After many delays getting to the sewing room, I have finally finished the first MQ13 top for Project Robin.  Went together quickly, so I'm anxious to do the second one I have cut out.  Here is the first one. 

Paula - Looks terrific! It will be a great addition to Project Robin's Hope.

Thanks, Bonny.  

I finally got pictures onto my computer for my 2013 mystery quilts. I haven't decided if I'll use the border print for another border or not.

Just finishing sewing mine together so decided to check out the finished ones. They are awesome, once again a beautiful pattern and quite easy so I intend doing it more than once with different fabrics.  Thanks for sharing pictures of your gorgeous quilts Diane, Paula and Bonny. 

Here is a photo of my completed top. Not sure about my fabric choices but loved the pattern of the quilt so will definitely do it again in different fabrics. With the colors this quilt will do well in the festive season! Thanks Bonny for setting this up for us.

Battling to post photo - will try again

Finally finished my quilt. I used it to practise FMQ so lots of wonky lines!

They only look wonky to you - to everyone else they will look artistic! Congratulations on finishing.

Jill, I love it and definitely has a festive feel.  At least you have yours quilted!  I think it looks fine.  We are our own worst critics and see things no one else would if we didn't point them out.  Mine is still in line to be done.  Seems like I can't get to the quilting for all the piecing I find myself doing!  Plus trying to get completed projects at different levels done for opening my sewing school in a few weeks!  Just a bit on the busy side, but I love it!


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