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WOW! Time has come for the mystery to be solved; the eagerly awaited final pattern installment is here.

Spoiler Alert! If you would like to start the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along now or haven't finished Part 1 and Part 2, you will want to wait to download the conclusion to the pattern to maximize the mystery quilt experience.

It is not too late to join the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along! The Fabric Selection Suggestions PDF will help with choosing fabrics. Please join us in the fun!

You can download Part 3 PDF Pattern for free, here.

Please let us see your assembled quilt top!
Quilters enjoy mystery quilts because of the adventurous aspect of not knowing, until the end, what they are making. The other really fun part is seeing the same quilt made in a variety of fabrics. Believe me, the fabric selections of the quilt along members are incredible! I know we will be amazed and delighted to see each others' quilts (tops at least) this coming week. Please post a photo of your completed project on the Photo Pages so we can ooh! and aah! over your accomplishment!

The Quilt Along Wrap-Up
Monday, March 25th will be the last official blog posting about the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along. The comments, questions, responses, and photos from the members and Ann will continue for quite awhile.

I do hope you like the design! Enjoy!

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OOOH - I love the finished top! Can't wait to continue (although all my stars aren't done yet).  Can't wait to see the pics at the end.  This was an AWESOME first experience.  Thank you Ann.

YAY...Part 3 hot off the printer...off I go to MCM (My Creative Mind ~ aka ~ sewing studio) for a morning of creating!

Clever built-in border!  I admit I tried and tried to figure out last week how the quilt would look after finishing step 2 and was totally stumped until now. THANK YOU Ann for such a fun mystery!

I must be doing something wrong.  When I click on HERE it takes me to CT.   HELP!!

It did the same to me and on my fourth attempt - Voila!! 

Some of you have had problems opening the link that says "Here".

Hopefully the link is good now. If you are still having problems, hit your refresh button or go out of QWU and come back in. Sorry for any inconvenience...I know you are all eager to see the final installment!

Ann, I just finished mine...

Love it!!!!! I will use this pattern again.

Rebecca ( Becky )

I originally had an issue with downloading but I finally waited "forever" and it downloaded. 

Thanks.  I got it going in from a different direction.

Great design,  I also had trouble getting in until I signed in, then went right to the pdf.

I love the neutral love colours and the pattern.Those are the colours I chose.

This was fun..  been able to keep up..  anxious to finish and wait for the next one..  Will there be a next one??

This was the first mystery quilt I have done..  I thought it was great and the directions were so good and easy to follow..  Thanks for all your work.



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