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Add your photos of your fabric selections to share with everyone. Then as we progress week to week you can add photos of your progress. It's fun to see what everyone's blocks look like as we go. Then finally, the big reveal. We'll see what the completed Mystery Quilts transpired to be.

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Wow! Thank you for posting your quilting design. Beautiful details.

You are very welcome!  And thank you for the compliment!

Wow, fantastic quilting job. It really brought it to life!

Thanks Cindy, I also think the quilting brought it to life.  My fabric choices were very neutral, I think the quilting (which is always my favorite part of a quilt) dressed it up.

Wow, that came out looking beautiful. Why on earth did  you want to throw rocks at it? lol Lovely wedding gift.

Thanks, I hope they like it.  It was pretty 'plain Jane' before the quilting happened.  :)

WOW!!! Beautiful

Thank you!  I'm excited about it.

Penny, this turned out amazing, i am a new longarm quilter and hope i am as good as you one day.

great job, thanks for sharing.

Oh how I wish I had a longarm!  You are so lucky!  I just try to do the best I can with what I have.  :)  Thank you!

WOW, this is gorgeous quilting!  Thanks for posting such a clear picture.  Gives me ideas too.


Rose in OHio

Thank you Rose,  and please remember, I want to see yours when it's done!


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