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I am new to Ohio Quilters. Just wondering why the blog posts are so old? (2011). Do you all not blog, and just comment?

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Welcome to Ohio Quilters, Debra. I used to blog on a regular basis. It was a kind of therapy for me as I was going thru a lot of trauma in my life and I blogged to remind myself of all the blessings in my life and my faith. Then one day someone responded with very negative comments. I checked out that person's page only to discover the person was not a Christian. I responded back that if he didn't like my blogs, he didn't have to read them. But the Constitution gave me the right to say what I feel. But at that point I felt burnt out and disturbed with the one person's comments. One person defriended me after that too. Since then I haven't blogged too much and I don't have the following I had before then. I don't follow the blogs either. This is only one person's perspective. I hope other people answer too and give you reasons why they aren't blogging any more. Hugs.

Not sure what you mean, Debra.  Do you mean open a new discussion like you did with Just Wondering?  If so, I guess we usually do that when we have a specific topic like the birthday exchange or the orphan block exchange Gwen organized a while back so all the comments can stay together.  Otherwise, we just sort of chime in in the general comment section with whatever is happening in our lives, quilting or otherwise.  But either way is great.  I wonder if there is a problem with the discussion list, because Just Wondering doesn't show up at all when I click View All and if the only ones you can see are the very old ones, apparently the newer ones like the birthday swap one from this year isn't showing up on yours.  Hmmmmm.  


I find your comment about the negative commenter not being a Christian not a Christian comment.  Athiests, Jews, Muslims  have good people and bad people just like the Christian faith.  I try to be accepting of other peoples beliefs, even though I do not believe. However I lose that perspective when people try to argue that their beliefs are the right beliefs.   I have been reading an interesting book lately,  called Fantasyland,  and one very important point that I agree with , is that we in America ,  believe what we believe and we believe our beliefs are right.  That is a very narrow  attitude.  And as far as the negative comments on your blog.  Sorry ,  but if you put something out there for public consumption,  then you have opened yourself up for comments, both positive and negative.  I don't know how long ago this post was made,  I just happened on it this morning.  So it is probably old news,  an old thought, and may be irrelevant now.  AS far as blogging on this site, in response to Debra's original comment.  This doesn't seem to be the venue for blogging.  I have a blog on my blogspot.com.  And when something has me going, I go there and rant my head off. The thing is no one ever reads it there. and that is probably a good thing. Sometimes after a day or two I reread it and decide to delete.  


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