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Comment by Sherri Eley on November 16, 2020 at 4:16pm

Navy Wife,

Just thought I would check in,  here haven't been on in quite awhile. We have put our RV in a permanent site up at Lake Erie.  We are finished with travel to FL  and AZ for wintering.  For me,  I never liked FL anyway,  but we did go last winter, as my sister was having some health issues so we spent the winter there.  Came home in late March after the virus hit. Had orginally planned to go back so we put the RV in storage there. But after coming home we decided to have it hauled back here.  WE use it quite often through the summer and we don't have to haul it as it is there.  

MY DH is 78 so it was getting too much for him to haul around,  then set it up and take it down for travel. So that is what we did.  I guess at a point in time you realize those things are over in your life.  I will miss it,  I loved the travel part of RVing.  And if we ever have an inkling about going again we will look into a small class C.  One that we can handle. But I think our RVing days are over too.  And with Covid I don't ever plan to set foot in the state of FL  again.   I bet their tourism business will suffer a lot this season.  But WTF,  when you choose not to do the safe thing for residents and tourists.  then take the consequences.  

Comment by MsDesigns on September 22, 2020 at 8:23am

I am a long time member of "Quilting With Us" (QWU). I used to give virtual workshops here. Like many others, I have ventured out as QWU became more quiet.

We are getting the warning that QWU is at risk of being disabled. I fear this is a sign that QWU will one day be no more.

It has become like family here and the thought of losing the friendships we have developed has giving me a sad heart. Like many dark clouds, there is a silver lining. When I ventured out, I created a quilters social network, much like QWU. I never mentioned it, for it was a conflict of interest. However, in this dark hour, it is time to let others know there is an alternative. It does not have to end here.

I would be honored for QWU members to join "Pattern Pastiche". If needed, we are more than happy to create a group for your new home.

Your "Pattern Pastiche" code: QWU

"Pattern Pastiche" is at


Comment by Navy Wife on November 15, 2016 at 4:14pm

Anyone still on this site?  We had to sell the RV this summer.  DH had surgery on his back, and is out of pain and doing well.  But he decided, much to the relief of our family, that 82 is too old to drive that big rig.  I am glad he admitted it was more than he could handle, but I will miss our trips to FL and VT.  How are the rest of you?

Comment by Navy Wife on February 10, 2016 at 1:57pm

Sorry, Sheri.  We're still in Tennessee and won't be heading south this year.  Just before Thanksgiving, DH developed spinal stenosis and is in lots of pain.  We have given up on trying to make that trip.  He has had epidural shots, and is now in PT.  Nothing has helped so far, and the next step is surgery.  I am going to make a fast trip down in 2 weeks.  I have tickets and reservations in Daytona Beach for the AQS Quilt Show, and really need to see my best friend and camping buddy in Riverview.  Her DH died just before Christmas and we couldn't go to the funeral.  I'll be coming down alone and in the car.  The boys and wives will look after DH.  Sure is nice to have them near. 

We've had 2 small bouts of snow.  2 inches the first time and about an inch last night.  Just enough to cover the driveway!  We had a beautiful January.  Quite a few days in the high 60's and low 70's.  I felt like I was in FL!  The cat is thrilled not to have to travel.  She is not crazy about the trip down, and doesn't like the hot temps and bugs.  She is a homebody and doesn't like to put her dainty feet on the ground! 

Comment by Sherri Eley on December 10, 2015 at 6:24am

Arrived in The dreaded Florida on DEC 5th.  And today after 5 days I am ready to head back to OH.  Have pulled out my machine once to work on a piece I am machine quilting. But it is such a hassle,  I am used to sitting down at home in my dedicated space and when I am finished for the day I get up and close the door until I go back to that project. Let's face it I am a homebody.  But I don't recall feeling this way when we spent the last two winters in AZ. And I hope we can return there next winter.  If my DH and I are still healthy enough for that long drive.  

Comment by Sherri Eley on August 21, 2015 at 11:57am

36 ft.  That seems big to me.We have always opted for something between 25-27 feet. (5TH WHEELS)  wE  like to stay in state parks sometimes and the larger rigs are harder to get into those places.. WE did break down and get a 30'ft  5th wheel last year. Since we spend winters living in it in either AZ or FL,  we wanted a bit more room.   Even tho I keep a small machine in the RV,  I rarely get it out to sew in such a small space.  If there is a nice rec room at the park I sometimes take it down there to work,,, but then you are hauling your "stuff"  and that gets to be a pain.  So generally I take a break when we are on the road.  Too much hassel for me to deal with...

Comment by lea on August 21, 2015 at 4:16am

It just dawned on me, I have a really good brother, 59yrs of age, an accountant all lvls in Calgary.. He went out with a girl in his mid 20/s got cheated by her and never again.. He is educated beyond his means.  Only problem is he is 325lbs. If you can find solution for his weight he be a very good partner. Lots of education, degrees humble, doesn't think himself arrogant. You argue with him and he just smiles and doesn't care, cause he is confident and in a safe place. Anyone interested> I wish he would find someone.. I'll help you in his old days if he gets misereable. 

Comment by lea on August 21, 2015 at 4:03am

Reading your valuable info, all very good ideas, we do have a RV show every year in Wpg. Always thought it was something else.. I'll be going when it comes.. My neighbors had a huge camper, went to BC mtns drove recklessly and broke the bottom which he had to leave it, drive home to Wpg and return, it cost him a fortune.. Don't think I want a huge one for 1 person, Bullet navy wife mentioned is that for 1-2person camper.. That the tiny one.. I would like the size. Do we need a special driving license.>

Comment by Robbin Neff on August 20, 2015 at 7:02pm

Hi.  My name is Robbin Neff.  We just bought a 36' Bullet this summer.  It's only been out a few times, never without quilting.  My Tin Lizzie can come along too, although I'm new to it too.  We mostly stay on military bases, because of cost.  It sure would be nice to meet up with other quilters.  I've quilted outside in this summer's heat, hoping to attract fellow quilters.  Didn't happen yet.  Thanks again for letting me play along with y'all.

Comment by Sherri Eley on August 3, 2015 at 1:58pm

Navy Wife,  we will probably already be heading west on I-10 by the time you get to FL this year.   Maybe even before then if our friends from CT don't make it down early this year.   

Lea,  had to chuckle at Linda telling you not to buy anything at Camping world.  They are very high priced.  And you can often find something like it at a Walmart for a lot less.  But sometimes you can't so camping world is your only option.   Also resist the vendors as well. WE love to go to RV shows even tho we are not in the market for a new rig... And I usually browse the vendors.. This time I saw a toilet breush with a set of bristles to reach under the rim. I thought how clever is that,  and paid $4.00 for it.  Next time I went to Dollar Tree,  I saw it there for  $1.00.  So you have to be careful and know your prices.. And also know that you can use regular kitchen ware and dishes in your rig, rather than pay high prices because it is "made for Rving"  .  Anyway Lea,  hope you are able to join in the RV family.  But agree that you should rent a rig and try it out before going whole hog on it.  You may not like it... In fact our last rig was a used one that hardly looks used and I suspect that is what happened with the first owners.. They bought it and didn't like it or, more likely, illness or death ,  caused them to get rid of it.  I know of several instances where that has happened.  New RIG and then one of them gets ill or dies,  and the rig goes up for sale.     


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