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Today I am posting the Perfect Points and the Positioning Pin tutorial and the introduction to the Perfect Points Sampler pattern. This week,while everyone finishes gathering fabric, we will focus on fine-tuning our piecing skills related to triangles, points and diagonal lines. Discussion topics will be posted regularly in the Discussion Forum. Sewing will begin next week, March 6th when Lesson 1 is posted. I am eager to get started. I can tell from the group's comments you are too!


Please download both PDFs to begin.

Perfect Points & The Positioning Pin PDF

Perfect Points Sampler: Introduction PDF




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When we get our fabric together are we supposed to organize it and cut the pieces or do the cutting as we go? Looks like labelling the fabrics and sorting in bags or envelopes(according to week to be used) might be helpful. I'm probably getting ahead of things.

Anne Have the questions been posted?  I don't seem to be able to find them if they have thanks..Mary


Thanks, Ann! I am printing the PDF's and thinking about fabric.

~HOpppy quilting~

I am new to the site and I am so excited to get started.  I look forward to any tips I can get.  Love quilting and the prospect of improving connections is great.  Thanks for your help.  Kelly

It said join, but I already have....huh?

I'm excited to change my sloppy quilting ways! Looking forward to next week. :)

I am late to this group but look forward to "perfecting"  my work.   I will try and get out and find the fabric I need for this project.  And try to catch up with you.

Really looking forward to this experience. A great idea!

Hi, thank you for the two PDF.

I will try to follow this quilt along ...

For me, there are two challenges: make a success of my points and understand the explanations in english !!!(I'm french and not fluent in english !!)

Sorry for the delay in my replies...I am new to blogging. Please check out the March 6th discussion posting for Lesson One and a discussion of precision piecing. I would suggest you wait to cut until you've read today's discussion but if you have already it is just fine.

hello Ann. I am checking this out on my samsung pad. It took me forever to find this as I am not the best on a computer. let me know if you get this. I will see if I can download the first week lesson tomorrow. thank you

I can't find the pdf for March 6.  Please help me.


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