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I would like to join this group.

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If you go to the main page there's a little paragraph of information above the pictures of the staff.  Click on the words Quilt Along (I think that's what it says) and it will take you to another page where you can click on the Perfect Points picture.  I think that's how you join.  You'll get an approval within a couple days.  Hope this helps.


Thank you, I think I was approved by some lucky fluke. I will be following everyone.

Welcome! The only thing you have to request permission to join is Quilt with Us, CT's social network website.

Here are the general instructions for the quilt along:

To get started, go to the main page for Quilt with Us.

Click on the Perfect Points Quilt Along.

Discussion Forum for 2/28:

Click on the PDFs: Perfect Points Sampler:Introduction and the tutorial.

Be sure to read the guidelines, pattern introduction and the tutorial.

Discussion Forum for March 6th:The featured discussion for March 6th includes two PDFs: Lesson One and one about precision piecing. There are some CT tutorials and general info listed as well. We added a slide show so you can see the pictures for the first three blocks better.

I will post Lesson 2 and more photos in the Discussion Forum next Tuesay 3/13.

Just so you know, you posted your comment by clicking on Add a Discussion so you sort of started a new discussion group...no big deal. I am so new to blogging that I am just figuring things out myself. General questions and comments go on the Comment Wall; add your comment in the text box under Comment and click Add Comment when you are done.

Anything related specifically to that week's lesson can be posted in the Discussion Forum for that week. If you want to comment in the Discussion Forum, you type your comment where is says Reply (to this discussion)I check both regularly.

If you are having trouble downloading the PDFs, you may need to download or update Adobe Reader (can Google it).

Let me know if you have any problems. I am so glad you have joined us. Happy sewing!

Thank you for the information. I am so new at replying to various discussions-I apologize for clicking the wrong button. I was able to download all the PDF's. Due to chaotic weather, I had to unplug my machine. Since all my fabric stash is on the lanai, I was unable to check through for material. I hope to get started later today when I return from the neighborhood group of the American Sewing Guild meeting this afternoon. Sallie Russell is giving a hands-on demonstration of embellishments. We are most fortunate to have Sallie as a member-she is a well-know fiber artist, teacher, author of several books on embellishment. Sewing is so much fun!


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