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General Suggestions:

  • Read through each lesson before you start cutting and sewing
  • Follow the cutting layout suggestions in Perfect Points Sampler: Introduction to utilize your fabric most effectively and have enough for all five lessons
  • If you tend to sew fast, slow down for this sampler
  • Determine the seam allowance size needed to make each block the correct size
  • You do not always need to use the method for making half-square triangles (HSTs) and Flying Geese described in the lesson instructions if you want to try other methods. The goal is to find which method helps you sew the most precisely.
  • Utilize the tutorials on the Connecting Threads website to help with any techniques or learn more about alternate methods.


Precision Piecing:

Precise piecing involves careful cutting, pinning, sewing, pressing and trimming. If each of these steps is successful, blocks will finish the correct size and fit together well. The quilt will lay flat and be squared-up well for quilting. I will address these topics individually.


Question: Do your blocks always finish the correct size?

The Perfect Points Sampler has several blocks of different sizes and many points to match! It is very important, that each block end up the correct size for this sampler to go together well. Most of the blocks are 8" or 4" finished. Some odd-sized blocks have "frames" to make them fit. Precise piecing is needed to make all those blocks fit and points match!

I tried summarizing my thoughts on this topic in a blog post but it was too long! Please download and read the attached PDF:Perfect Points Sampler: Ann's Thoughts on Precision Piecing. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject - now and/or as you improve through the quilt-along.

Other Resources:

For this week's topics, please check out the CT tutorials at:


There are tutorials (written and video) on sewing several topics. This week I recommend that you check out the following:

  • How to Sew an Accurate Quarter Inch Seam Size (shows making a seam guide and using a 1/4" foot)
  • Pressing Tip (demonstration of pressing to minimize distortion with triangles - very important!)
  • Nine-Patch Lesson 1 (reviews testing seam accuracy, pressing, nesting of seams; good practice)
  • Nine-Patch Lesson 2 (note the "two ruler" method for aligning the ruler for cuts)
  • To Prewash or Not to Prewash? (summary of the pros and cons)
  • Flying Geese tutorials (view all of them to learn about different methods to try and see which works best for your precision)
  • Glossary of Terms (for those of you new to quilting or want a review)

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Replies to This Discussion

I have the lesson downloaded and printed out now off to my sewing room check back with you all later.

Am unable to open PDF files - please advise

Jenna is going to reply with some suggestions. Let us know if you continue to have problems.

Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat (it's FREE).  This should solve your problem.

I am really going to enjoy this tutorial.  I am still waiting on receipt of fabric, then I will catch up with the rest of the group.  Once I complete this quilt top I plan on making several others.  Thank you again for your time and efforts in having this tutorial.  Carol J Williams

For those of you who checked in earlier to download Lesson One, please note that I added another PDF summarizing my thoughts on precision piecing pertaining to the Perfect Points Sampler. Please go back to the discussion forum for March 6th to download this PDF.

Please post your comments related to today's question Do your blocks finish the correct size? on today's discussion forum. The comment wall is for more general chatting about the quilt along. That seems to work the best according to my blogging mentors Mari and Jenna. Blogging is new to me. I feel like I have just leapt into the 21st century!

Just heard my fabric shipped today so I will also catch up when it arrives, I'm excited about doing this project.


Well lessons stay posted on the web site? I'll be on the road for 2 weeks ,or should I just save then?

The current lesson and the next four weekly lessons will remain posted for the duration of the 6-week quilt along and beyond (not sure how long) but plenty of time for members to complete the sampler. They will be there when you return.

Hi, it's me again. When I checked to make sure the PDFs for today would open, I noticed a small mistake in the Lesson 1. The change is on page 2. The last block is called Square-in-a-Square. It has a Diamond-in-a-Square center. The block has a different name depending on how many "rounds" of triangles are added. The Economy Patch block has fewer rounds. Hope there are not any more mistakes. Oh well...I corrected it and reposted the Lesson 1.

Is this online quilt class all done by print-out tutorials?  Do you do any live lessons, or do you always refer to the handy online tutorials on this site?



Lana, this quilt along is done with PDF downloads (tutorial and practice lessons) and lots of blogging. This allow members across the continent to sew at their own pace, ask questions as needed and share experiences.

As far as the tutorials on the website, CT staff members who lead groups usually don't refer to them because this instructional quilt along is unusual. Most of the time groups work on specific projects in their area of interest and not on improving skills. Since members may not know about the variety of our tutorials, I thought it would be helpful to select ones pertinent to the week's lesson and use them as an added resource. I will suggest other tutorials in upcoming weeks.

Welcome to the group!


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