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Here we go with Lesson 2 of the Perfect Points Sampler Pattern. This week's blocks are the Snowball and Sawtooth Star. The lesson focuses on maintaining straight diagonal lines within and between blocks. Yes, the positioning pin can help with that also!

The Sawtooth Star blocks have Flying Geese (four each of two different color combinations). You may make them the way the pattern describes or use the "no-waste" Flying Geese method. One of the members provided a link for directions that includes the math. This handout happens to be the one I used when I learned this method.


Also, if you have not done so already, watch/read the five Flying Geese CT tutorials at:


Mari's favorite ruler to make Flying Geese is the Flying Geese X 4 - No Math Ruler by Lazy Girl Designs. The ruler makes precise Flying Geese without having to do any math. CT also carries the Quilt-in-a-Day series  Mini-Ruler Set for making Flying Geese.

Trying different methods will help you find one works best for you. 

Some photos of member's blocks from Lesson One and photos of Lesson Two are now included in the slide show (no audio).

It's great to see members helping each other. I especially get excited when someone comments on improvements with their piecing! Keep up the great work!

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What is one stitch method?

Oh Joan, I have never done that! Picked and re-picked fabrics. lol. That's when my quilting room explodes. Fabric everywhere, so much that you don't know what you are doing! lol.

This is fun, seeing all the different fabric choices.

~Hopppy quilting~

Some questions came up on the Comment Wall...thought I would add these hints here as well before they get lost in the chatting.

Remember, on the Snowballs, the trick is to draw the line exactly from corner. Place your pencil on the line where you want to draw and put the ruler up against it to accommodate for the pencil's width (a drafting trick). Then sew along side the line on the side closer to the corner so the fabric can fold over exactly at the marked line. Sound familiar?

Also, if you have trouble sewing a straight line along the marked line, instead of looking at the needle as it is sewing, look where the seam will end. Your eyes will guide your hands where they need to go. Another cool trick! A student once told me that is also how they cut metal with heavy machinery.

Heres the pictures of my Lessons 1 and 2. 

Lesson 2 just about put me under the table.  I've done both processes prior to this numerous times but for some reason adding the snowball blocks to the adjoinpiece of the sawtooth block was nye impossible for me.  One side matched up perfectly on both pieces, while the other was impossible to lineup no matter what method I used.  After 6 attempts of unsewing and resewing, I called close good enough while I still had fabric left.



Learning lots....and it's a little tougher than I anticipated....havin' fun though...

Great color combo and nice work!

So very pretty --- love your fabrics.


Lovely.  These will make a beautiful quilt!!

The flying geese via method two in the CT tutorials, and via the patch pieces PDF are the way for me! No ripping and no making 50% extra to get enough that work! This lesson I am actually drawing the lines on the squares. I loved the snowball block so much I did a google search. I found a Pat Sloan pattern, which I like, and as I skimmed it, I came up with a tip I thought I would share. Pat suggests drawing your diagonal lines on the wrong side of your fabric while you fabric is resting on 220 grit sandpaper. She said it would help prevent stretching the fabric and it does! I am still using my The Angler 2 machine template to help me keep my stitches lined up. I am finding I have to stitch just inside the lines on the template AND stitch one needle click over to the inside of the seam allowance.

Weeelll, I was going to post photos of my lesson 2 blocks...until I saw all the ones posted already - especially those stunning daisy blocks!  Everyone's are so good and the points really do look PERFECT!  I had to fudge a lot to get my diagnonal lines even close - created puckers and pleats easing in all the extra fabric! lol!  Oh well...I'm not re-doing these blocks. 


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