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Lesson 4: Moving right along! Here is Lesson 4 of the Perfect Points Sampler. 

Ohio Stars: This week's lesson focuses on maintaining straight diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines within and between the two Ohio Star blocks. Quarter-square triangles (QSTs) are made with the grid method. Please feel free to experiment with other methods and share your experiences with the group.The two blocks are framed to fit in the 8" finished grid of the sampler. The framing strips are a slightly oversized in case your blocks are a little small. Square-up to the stated unfinished size. Check out the CT tutorial on QSTs called Stars - QSTs Variable Stars.

Pinwheel: This simple block will give you practice with intersecting diagonal lines and four quadrants that come together in points. To review how to "swirl" the seams on the back to help the block lay flat, watch the CT tutorial Intro to Half Square Triangles.

Resources: Please revisit the list of CT tutorials and related products in the posting notes for the Lesson 3 on March 20th for information on HSTs and QSTs.

Members' Photos: We will post more of your photos today in the members' photos slide show. Click on the link under the Perfect Points slide show or under the list of group members...both in the introduction area of the quilt along site.

Have fun! Thanks to all of you who have supported each other with complements and suggestions. Also, I feel excited and gratified when I hear someone's piecing is improving!Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your photos.

PDF: This content is available as a PDF below called PP Sampler Lesson 4 Posting Notes.

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Thank you for posting the notes too Ann :)

I'm printing this lesson, and will get started later! Thanks sew much, Ann, for the great tutorials.

~Hopppy quilting~

Done!  Sad part is I have to wait a week for the next Lesson.  OH!  I need to put the border on the Ohio Star Block.  I have to say that after so many years of quilting - I have never done the QSTs.  Love 'em.   I am so enjoyig these lessons and learning so much.  Patience for one.  My picture doesn't seem to want to upload - so Good Luck to all and HAVE FUN!

Those Sweet Little Swirls!

Geri- These colors are gorgeous! I have to admit I didn't understand from the directions which two seam allowances to rip a few stitches out from. Which two did you rip out from? Let's call them North, South, East, and West. Can you tell me which ones you ripped out? Also, how did you assemble your block after you made the 4 small squares? Top two, bottom two, then stitch them together across? 

The stitches you undo (in the pic - N and S) but to figure it out on any other unit - they are NOT the last seam you stitched.  You need to remove about three stitches on both sides.  I laid out my block and sewed the two top blocks and then the two bottom ones.  Then I stitched those two units together.  Hopefully that answered your ??.

Yes. That is clear. It made sense once I started looking at it in real life. If you orient your last seam horizontally, you pick out a few from the vertical seam. Then you kinda use your fingernail to open it up and help a stitch or two fall out of the diagonal seams so you get the pretty back. Than you for taking the time to answer my questions.


You don't need to rip out stitches to achieve this flat 4 square center.  When your block is completed, take a hold near the cent points of the block on opposite sides, doesn't matter which sides. and twist back and forth until you hear a faint snap.  You may need to do it on the opposite sides also depending on your stitch size.  Turn your block over and lay out your 4 square center, press flat.  Another little trick courtesy of the ladies that publish "Quilters Academy" series.

JanJo in blustery, cold Reno

Beautiful colors Geri!  Nice sewing too!  I'm with you - :( we have to wait another week for the next lesson.  But I do enjoy this format of learning and doing a project a little at a time.

Got my Lesson complete for this week.  Really enjoyed doing the pinwheels, knowing all the tips has made them coming together so much more "perfect".  I've done several quilts with pinwheel blocks and will continue to do more in the future because they will go together so much easier now - Thanks Ann!  I liked the way wemade the QST's.  Here's my blocks:

Carol, your blocks are beautiful!! Look at those perfect points!!  Love the fabric.  Great job.  I need to go put my borders on my Ohio Stars. 


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