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Lesson 4: Moving right along! Here is Lesson 4 of the Perfect Points Sampler. 

Ohio Stars: This week's lesson focuses on maintaining straight diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines within and between the two Ohio Star blocks. Quarter-square triangles (QSTs) are made with the grid method. Please feel free to experiment with other methods and share your experiences with the group.The two blocks are framed to fit in the 8" finished grid of the sampler. The framing strips are a slightly oversized in case your blocks are a little small. Square-up to the stated unfinished size. Check out the CT tutorial on QSTs called Stars - QSTs Variable Stars.

Pinwheel: This simple block will give you practice with intersecting diagonal lines and four quadrants that come together in points. To review how to "swirl" the seams on the back to help the block lay flat, watch the CT tutorial Intro to Half Square Triangles.

Resources: Please revisit the list of CT tutorials and related products in the posting notes for the Lesson 3 on March 20th for information on HSTs and QSTs.

Members' Photos: We will post more of your photos today in the members' photos slide show. Click on the link under the Perfect Points slide show or under the list of group members...both in the introduction area of the quilt along site.

Have fun! Thanks to all of you who have supported each other with complements and suggestions. Also, I feel excited and gratified when I hear someone's piecing is improving!Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your photos.

PDF: This content is available as a PDF below called PP Sampler Lesson 4 Posting Notes.

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I finished the block last night- twice. Only once was correct! I had my green and yellow QST pieces rotated wrong on both stars! I have just enough yellow left now to finish next weeks blocks. Thank goodness we have extra fabric! Then, I decided to stitch everything together by row that I have completed so far. That went well until I took a picture and noticed that my snowball block didn't finish up in the block below. Wow, I really, really shouldn't work on my quilt after 10 pm! I did like sewing the HST's and cutting them apart better than making the QST's with my ruler directly. Bummer I messed up, but it was good I got to try it a second time. Second time, I did a better job and the whole block went together better. 

Wow!  They all look so beautiful!  I'm going to start my lesson 4 tonight (I'm a week behind) and now you've got me excited to start.  I actually made an entire Ohio Star-ish quilt before I even knew what the heck I was doing so I'm hoping this won't be too hard for me - just with better points!

Very nice Angie. Love the color combo.

I'm also doing a BOM through craftsy, which this month is teaching English Paper Piecing.  I joined that group as I'd never done a BOM before and never paper pieced so I'm getting indoctrinated real fast.  Between the two classes I'm taking if I don't get paper piecing down now I probably never will.  Sure glad I poured over the tutorials on CT a couple of times before these lessons came out.  Anxiously awaiting this weeks lesson.

I'm doing the Craftsy BOM course too!  I was NOT looking forward to the paper piecing because I try to avoid hand sewing whenever possible.  But, I have to say, I ended up falling in love with it!  I love how I can take my project on the go and I am not stuck in front of the sewing machine!  I can even do it while watching TV with my husband in the evenings.  I am now looking for paper piecing project since we are going away for Easter and have a long car ride.  My husband does all the driving so this would be perfect.  Then when we are visiting family, there is some down time in between, so it would be great to have some "entertainment" tucked away in my purse!

I echo exactly what you (Jenn & Jan) are saying!  I'm also doing the Craftsy class and LOVED the paper piecing!!

I've signed up but haven't started yet. I think I need to get fabric to motivate me.

Here are my Lesson 4 blocks.  They are my best so far!!  Thank you again (Joy!) for the help with squaring up, it makes a lot more sense now!  I still have to sew on my borders on the Ohio stars but I'm so excited with my points I wanted to share right away.  Even the back swirl doesn't look too bad - although not as perfect and beautiful as Geri's!

They look great! This is my third proectwith triangles ever so I'm glad I could help somehow.

Just finished Lesson 4.  This was great practice for matching points.  In fact, I was concentrating so much on my points, that after I finished my Ohio Stars, I noticed that one of my QST was wrong.  Had to unstitch and correct my mistake.  Still not perfect, but a big improvement. 

I have a sign in my office that sums it all:

Striving for excellence is a positive quality - Striving for perfection is self-defeating.

Will start Lesson 5 today.  Thanks Ann for this quilt-along.

I love you statement about excellence and perfection!

I love colors Joy, Looking great!


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