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Let's post our active service family member's name and address here for the group to use.

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Capt Jeremy D. Lee


APO AE 09356
Air Force Deployment: Kubal Afghanistan Feb-Aug 2009
Update: Jeremy returned to USA in August.
Nathaniel Powell
Nangarher ADT
Jalalabad PRT
APO AE 09310

Deployed Dec.5, 2008 with Army National Guard to Afghanistan
Thanks Tamie! I'll get on one for Nathaniel. Does he go by "Nathanial" or "Nate" or something else? Also, what's his rank? I call Elaine's son Capt. Lee and give him his due. Any info, interests you can post will be helpful too. Thanks for joining! I feel like today, on this declared "National Day of Service", we are on to something!
Gail Tryon's son stationed in Iraq.

CPT Jonathan Forester
602nd EFD (Utilities)
COB Adder/ Ali Airbase
APO AE 09331
I have a question I wonder what would be a good subject matter for the postcards. I am from a family of 90% women and I dont know what to use for something for a man. Please this is a serious question. If I am going to put the work into a card I want it to be appropriate and special but NOT boring. HELP
Ssmittee - I think anything encourging would be nice. My son loves sports, especially University of Louisville if that helps.
SSmittee, I had the same feeling but in the end, just started sorting through what I had and looking for things to put on the card. On Elaine's son's card, I had a novelty with some pics of the Capital and another piece of fabric with BBQ signs so I used those (one with the patriotic feel and one for Texas, which is where I'm from). Then I did a monogram on my sewing machine. On the back, I put the return address and his address on the right and then just simply wrote "Greetings from Texas" on the left hand side. I think you should do whatever is fun for you. And you might use Valentine's as a theme. Those are the same whether they're for males or females. Just let yourself go and have fun with it! It's kind of like doing a scrapbook page (though I don't scrapbook, I get the concept). And you can see the Halloween ones that polkadot did on the Postcards for Troops main page. I found with my 2nd card that using computer printer fabric sheets was really helpful. I could just type quotations or insert pics or whatever and print them out on the printer and then secure them to the postcards. Whatever you do will be fabulous!
Is there a way you can let me know how many men are with your son? I would like to send a card for each member. I don't want to leave anyone out...I would like to send a package to your son so he can see to it that each person gets a card?
Gwen -
There are hundreds of men and women on the base with my son. So, don't think you want to do that many cards. But, there are just 4 in his office I believe and at least one is female. They work closely with the office next to them but I don't know how many are in that group. My son convoys out away from the base often to meet with the local people working to organize their military and police. I think there are 35 post/camps but who knows how many people are at each.
So, might not be possible to send a card to everyone but whatever you send him he will be happy to distribute to those around him. Mail is pretty slow getting there. Things I mailed two weeks ago just arrived. It is on the other side of the world so I guess I shouldn't be so surprized.
Thanks for all you are doing. Thanks for caring about our guys and gals in the military. My son is very upbeat about what they are doing to make the whole world a safer place to live. He stays pretty positive.
Gwen's son:

SSgt Aaron D. Francis
97 1/2 Pettit St.
Shiloh, Ohio

Aaron is married to his wife Misty. They have one son, Ethan, and little baby Liberty is on the way-due March 28th.

Thank you all!
All, Martha in Florida sent me the two names that Jonathan sent back to them so I'm adding them to our list:

Sgt. Orlando Ortiz
602nd EN DET - Unit #061
Camp Basrah
APO, AE 09375


Sgt. Joseph Cardwell
602nd EN DET
COB Adder/Ali Airbase
APO AE 09375

Now we have 5 names! Hooray!


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