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Let's post our active service family member's name and address here for the group to use.

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I spoke to our son in Texas. He asked that I not give his address - he feels that the postcards should go to the guys overseas, that they need it more. Will honor his request, but I did ask him if he knew anyone overseas to send to. He's thinks there are a couple of guys from his unit overseas, and will get addresses.

Meanwhile, our daughter's friend just returned to Iraq, and his birthday is this month (June), so here he is:

Sgt Albert Cisneros
A CO 1-184 INF
APO AE 09351

Thank you!

I just finished painting a bunch of postcard-sized fabric pieces to quilt and send. I'm no artist, but it's a different kind of quilt. Fun, too. Easy to do while relaxing in fron of the TV with hubby at night. (So much better than having un-sewing to do!) When they're done, I'll post pictures - provided I remember to take pictures before I send them off.

Corinne S.
Forks, WA
Good deal Corinne! Thanks for the address too. And best of everything to your son here with me in Texas!

Albert Cisneros is home safe!

Thanks, ladies.

Great news, God bless you all. Enjoy your time with him.
My son is scheduled to return in Nov :)

Late Update -
Jeremy Lee - my son is home safe too. He returned last month from Afghanistan. Thanks again everyone for your thoughtfulness. I got to go spend a week with him at his home in Vegas where he is based. Then, last weekend, I was in Florida to visit with him and my grandbaby. It is wonderful to have him back in America!! I don't think he will have to deploy again for at least a year.
I am so glad for the good news!!!
Thanks Cheryl. My stress level has decreased a bunch. Good to hear from you and glad you are doing ok. This year has been a tough one.


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