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Just curious, but what is everyone working on? do you plan different projects for winter? what kind of things are you doing for Christmas gifts? Let everyone know what you are doing and how its coming along.....

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Ditto! and put the news on the general Ap blog! Not everyone reads the individual entries.

I've sent my throw to the LA quilter and find I have enough leftover blocks to cover a pillow. So I'll work on that until the quilter is done. Then I have 2 UFOs from the summer to finish. And after Christmas I can start something new, possibly the graduation quilt for DGD#1 - if she can just pick out either colors or a pattern (I'm giving up on both!).

No Christmas gifts this year. We'll be with DD and her girls out west and we are driving, so I won't have time for the last minute push that I always have!

Would it help if next spring those of us who meet do our planning on the individual thread instead of the gener AP blog? We were talking about feeling that we had "taken over" and agreed that wasn't good. Let me know!
I'm busy getting my second tunnel quilt layered and ready for quilting. I took both to my guild to show on Wed and everyone was impressed. (so am I, if the truth be known, hehe!) As always, I feel intimidated before starting to quilt, afraid that it won't look good and I will have a mess on my hands. I need to get motivated to make birthday and Christmas presents, but so far, inspiration has been going "down the tunnel" as it were. Ha!
I will work on the block swap blocks and maybe a UFO or two- haven't really decided yet!
I'm at a stopping point now and can't start a new pattern until mid-January due to expected travel, holidays, etc. I have 1 UFO of paper piecing and then I've fallen in love with "Glacier" and Rick Tims new book of Mandala Quilts. Then there are the kalidiscope quilts I've never tried and...........
Now that the large tunnel quilt is finished, I am going to have to get busy on Christmas presents! I saw a really cute apron at my guild meeting last month. I didn't get the pattern name, so I think I will try to recreate it on my own. We shall see what happens...ha!


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