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I've just taken an order for a custom runner and placemats. I had her buy the fabric so I'll only charge her for my quilting. Any ideas as to how much I should charge her?

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I would say, look up runner and placemats, (are you going to make the napkins too?) in a magazine, like Macy's, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Saks, etc., then determine your price.
Sheryl, I'd say it depends on three things: time and effort, what the market demands, and artistry. Like Trudy says, look up prices to see what the market demands--you don't want to undercut what people pay for good wares--that sets your LOW end price. Then you should have a good idea of how long it will take you and how hard it will be. If you price it so you end up making a couple of bucks per hour, you might as well move to China and join the labor force there. Twenty dollars an hour for good work is not out of line, but few of us home crafters are brave enough to do that even if we really deserve it. For sure, though, don't go under $10/hour. Then add in your artistry--that's why people pay thousands of dollars for fine art. Or. . . ignore all of that and charge a flat two to three cents per square inch.
If I charged $10/hour for my time, I wouldn't sell any quilts... I charge 2 cents a square inch... which usually works out to about $2/hour... people don't understand the time it takes to put together some of the complex quilts and don't want to pay that much for a quilt when they can go to wal-mart and get one for $50.00... all of us know they aren't really quilts, but the typical customer doesn't understand the difference...
Well, Sheryl, what did you decide and did it work for you?
Mel, Thanks for all your suggestions and to everyone else. I figured out the time the project took and charged about $10 per hour so it was pretty reasonable. I did like the idea of charging 1 cent a square inch so I might do that in the future. I put some table runners on etsy.com for $40, shipping included, and that seemed to be a comparible price. I'll wait and see if I sell anything. Sheryl
So you need to charge for the piecing and the quilting? Seems like I've heard 2-3x the cost of the fabric for the piecing (determined by the pattern you have to piece-Warm Wishes would be less than Feathered Star). Quilting, I charge by the sq. in. Simple panto 1.5 cpsi, custom starting at 2 cpsi. In your area you might be able to charge more.
Sorry, I'm new here and didn't see you had already figured this out.
 They want you to make it because they can't find what they want in the stores. It is called "custom" that does not come cheap. Your time is worth something. I own a tarp shop. We sew everything from tarps, boat covers, tents, recover gazebos and lawn furniture, bags and covers, etc. Anything that can be sewn. I also do leather work (jackets, chaps, vests, guitar strap, etc.) My customers don't complain about price because it is custom. So charge what you feel your time is worth. Don't do it for nothing. After all they are getting a beautiful product in the end.

good answer

Good day to all who come here.. which is see isnt often.. but thanks for the ideas on pricing items..a few people who asked me and i told them a ballpark amount and they said that same thing about going to walmart to get a cheaper one.. i told them yea go ahead but it wont last as long as a handmade quilt will last..  within 5 years you will have paid for at least 3 so called walmart quilts for what i charge for the one i make.. that was so funny.. but one lady said she wanted one from me she understood about the homemade quilts taking time to make and lasting long time. so i have to get back to her about it..i would have to get the fabric and she saw some designs she liked in my book i had with me.. she is basically leaving it up to me .. she just told me the colors she wanted.. anyone let me know how much i would charge to make a queen size quilt ...

It is worth more than $600, but a lot depends on how detailed you make it. Quilting cost about $125, binding another $40, fabric $300, O gee we never get what it really worth which is $1,000. I have only sold one queen for $550. She still was not real happy about the price, but she paid it after I gave her a book like CT, that list fabric cost.

Also depends on cost-of-living in your region. On Etsy I can charge $50 + shipping for a quilted witch hat. In town at boutique I can only get $20.


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