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Other than Connecting Thread, which gives fabulous discounts on their products, does anyone know where to get fabrics from the likes of 'Hoffman', 'Bernatex' & 'Moda' at discounted prices. Most of the quilting shops mark up their prices in order to make money, of course, but I can't buy directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices unless I intend to open a quilt shop to sell their products. Some magazines offer kits from the manufacturers, but the cost becomes prohibitive when you consider the additional shipping and handling charges.

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Hi Aida, have you tried www.thousandsofbolts.com They have fabric around $5 a yard.
Thanks, I did look into this website, I wasn't too impressed. I order online mostly from Connecting Threads and Keepsake Quilting.
If you are really going into business, you will want to get a tax number. With a tax number, you can purchase wholesale from many of the fabric companies. Of course you may have to purchase a whole bolt of fabric. And many companies have a minimum purchase order for shipment.
I have a LQS that sells fabric below retail and then puts on sales of 25% off sometimes. Somewhere Sewing Last year, she put on the sale right after Christmas and claimed it was to pay the taxes. I'm sure she did very well. Also, there is a store in Portland, OR called Fabric Depot, that sells fabric at 30% off all the time. I shop Fabric.com frequently, but their quilting fabric selection can be spotty, they are sort of a clearance house, rather than carrying stock items all the time. You can get some good buys, though, and they offer free shipping on orders over $30.
Good pont CatLady - I'll add my 2 cents to that, correct me if I'm wrong here - There are many different types of tax numbers.
For the purpose of buying fabric (and other supplies) you would want a resale license.
If you pay wages to employees you would need a Federal Employer Identification Number (aka FEIN). You would need a state number also if you have employees.
There are probably lots of others out there also.
Yes, I was speaking of the state tax license, or what you are calling resale. In MO any product you sell is taxable, and this is the number that can be used so you do not need to pay taxes upfront. This is the number that allows someone to purchase wholesale at many fabric companies. If you are in business you need these licenses.
I don't intend to re-sell the fabric, just to buy it at a discount directly from the manufacturer or dealer. Most of the websites, other than CT, sometimes sell 'end-of the bolt' or seconds from the manufacturers, so I am careful which site I go to.
I do have a tax ID to sell 'finished goods' not materials. Sometimes I get discounts from the stores when I explicitly tell them that the things I am making are for a non-profit organization, which is true in most cases -such as when I buy polar fleece to make blankets for the homeless shelter, or yarn to give to the Girls' club and nursing homes so they can knit hats and scarves for the servicemen.
Often times I do buy stuff when they are on sale, but the known fabric brands do not usually go on sale unless they are being discontinued, then I'm stuck with not having enough of it should I run out.
I know the best way to buy fabrics for a single quilt is to have the pattern in hand showing how much is really needed and get the materials.
I often tell a potential customer if they want a specific quilt to be made to give me their color preference or to get the materials themselves.
Aida, if you are selling a finished project, then you are "re-selling" the fabric used to make the item. Any items I sell, I have to collect sales tax on it and submit the amount to the state. Check with your tax consultant.
I live in NH - this is not an issue here.
Hi everyone. In Ohio, if you plan on selling any item ( handmade, re-sell, or whatever) you need to get a vendor's license fm your local tax authority to sell in the state of ohio. The vendor license provides the information so that you can get items at local stores such as Joann's, Michaels, etc and not pay tax on the item. You must use the items you purchase in the product you produce. There is usually a form to fill out at the store and then they give you a card that you show at checkout. Registering for this card sometimes gets you additional discounts. Then when you file your federal income tax, there are forms that you need to fill out for a business. I keep track of all of my receipts, mileage to and from stores, etc. There's lots to it, so I would suggest talking to a tax authority or reading up on the internet regarding local, state and federal tax laws. As for the discount on fabric, I've used Fabric.com and also purchased from Hancocks.
Good luck in finding the fabrics at great prices.
My favorite online discount spot for name-brand fabric is Hancock's of Paducah (http://hancocks-paducah.com/)--their weekly web specials sometimes drop to as low as $2.99/yard. I love it when they have their wide backs on sale for $7-ish. And because I'm in Texas and they are in Kentucky, the no-tax makes up generously for the shipping cost. Their paper catalog comes quarterly or so, and is in GOOD color, so I've never been disappointed at picking something out of the catalog then purchasing it online.

Connecting Threads is my favorite for kits and thread. And Keepsake Quilting is EXPENSIVE, but sometimes their stuff is so exclusive that I have to buy from them to get what I want. And because I do have a resale license, I get a lot of stuff from Brewer (things like whole bolts of muslin and Kona cloth that I go through like water.)

I have a resale license (allows Texas state tax exemption on purchases) but, sometimes I'm just too lazy to hassle with the shop owner, provide a copy of the license so she won't get in trouble, etc., and just go ahead and pay the taxes. When I file my State report, those items have a "taxes already paid" place on the form and come off my total due. It all depends on keeping thorough records, of course.


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