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Just wondering if you ever do any swaps on here? I did one for a Xmas table runner and just finished on for a Spring table runner. The first went to California and I'm still waiting for the spring address. It's kind of fun getting a surprise in the mail.

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Hi Kelly.  Sometimes we have done a swap, but not that often.  Take this discussion over to the main page and that way everyone will follow your questions, answers and suggestions.  It makes it a bit easier on all of us, not to be flipping back and forth to the various discussions.  We have tried, as a group, to keep separate discussions limited to pattern links, our addresses and birthdays (which we hope you will add yours to) and food recipes.  Things like that that take up a lot of space, and not everyone may be interested in.  So, we will be waiting for you to join us on the main page of Quilting Canadians.  Thanks a bunch.

Sorry I'm new to this. Just thought it might be fun to keep it in Canada. When I posted I thought I was posting on the main Canadian Quilters page. So are you talking about the page where all the groups are listed? Eg. New England Quilters, Itsy Bitsy Quilts, Beginners Quilting?


 I may not be the best person to try and explain this, as I am somewhat of a visual learner myself. But if you post on the Quilting Canadians page without starting a new discussion, it stays on the Canadian page only.  The Link shown above here is for the main Quilting Canadians page.  Just add your comment on the comment wall, right along with everyone elses there, and we will all be able to see it and it stays in Canada.

If anyone else reading this can explain it better, please do so.  It is great to have you with us Kelly and we all want to enjoy your enthusiasm and comments while making it the simplest for us all.  Hope this helps a bit.

Hi Kelly,

We have never had one since I have been a member.  I would not be interested - what with UFOs, QOV, and gifts, I have enough and more to do.

the only swap i remember was a 5'square swap where we all sent in a bunch and one member sorted them into charm packs and resent them out. we decided on a fall colour palette. we have done a few sew alongs such as bom which you will find in discussions. oh we also did a fq swap where everyone decided on one or 2 choices (i chose blue or christmas fabric) and we waited for all the lovely surprises in the mail. we have also sent friendship blocks or fq for people who have experienced a big loss and i personally was the recipient of a gorgeous couch quilt done on the sly by everyone contributing and chrissie putting together the finished product. i was diagnosed with a serious illness and a bunch of these wonderful canadian quilters (who i had never met) jumped in and created this wonderful quilt for me.

http://quiltwithus.connectingthreads.com/photo/shannon-s-quilt-made...     i am very fortunate to have all you wonderful women as friends. xoxoxoxox


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