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Good morning everyone. Looks like the majority wanted Bricks and Stepping Stones so that will be the challenge. We'll revisit the others after Christmas. Rules as follows:


1. Sept. 5th - Oct. 31th

2. Lap, Throw, or Crib size

3. Use lots of different fabrics

4. Post you pictures in this thread

5. Random drawing for those who finish at challenge end 


Please remember to post your progress here, we love to see what you're doing. Here is the link:      http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/06/bricks-stepping-stones.html

Have fun!

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sounds like fun-unfortunately I can't join in as this will be taking place during harvest so all my time until Thanksgiving will be out in a field. Have fun and I'll be watching to see what everyone comes up with and see what the Winter Challenge will be.
Char I will try this challenge.

I think I better pass on this one too. I did print off the pattern, but I have 3 quilts (one ready to sandwich and 2 not even started) to make before Christmas, plus a craft fair to get ready for before Dec. 3. I'll see how my time goes and see where I'm at by the middle of October to see if I can at least make a crib size.

I will definitely be interested in doing something after the 1st of the year.
All of you doing this one have fun and I'll anxiously await pictures to see how you are doing!

I am up for it too.
I'll have to check my schedule, but I would love to try and get this one done.
Wow Jennifer that was fast!
I love Bonnie's patterns, so when I saw the challenge, I checked on 3 1/2" box.  Lots of purple, yellow and some gree left over from my Old Tobacco Road and a bunch of red. But to I really need or want to start another quilt?  I've got a list a mile long of stuff I want to finish by the end of the year (including a quilted purse and teddy bear quilt for Christmas).  So, we'll see.  This looks like a quick and easy quilt, so I might be able to squeeze in the top, but I couldn't get it quilted.  

I put 10 matchsticks together last night but am a bit put off cos hubby says urgh dont like that .

He is never less than constructive and complimentary so I will see how it goes.Probably just make it as small as ...

I find that often times in a scrap quilt that the parts are not as pleasing as the whole.
Char instead of a bigger quilt I have put together to table runners. I have a lot of fall colors and found a little bit of black. I hope that it will be OK and I can use one and give one away. Didn't make much of a dent in the stash. But ever little bit helps. I'm not helping the quilt stores as I'm using my in stock fabric.
Oh, that's fine Marjorie.
Finished my top and I have put them together so they "read" across rather than down and i like it better.Busy putting together a scrappy border.2nd one this weekend as I have made one and sewn it on my Bow Ties top.


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