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Good morning everyone. Looks like the majority wanted Bricks and Stepping Stones so that will be the challenge. We'll revisit the others after Christmas. Rules as follows:


1. Sept. 5th - Oct. 31th

2. Lap, Throw, or Crib size

3. Use lots of different fabrics

4. Post you pictures in this thread

5. Random drawing for those who finish at challenge end 


Please remember to post your progress here, we love to see what you're doing. Here is the link:      http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/06/bricks-stepping-stones.html

Have fun!

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i love it linda!!! looks great!


Linda great job. I'm partial to anything  black and white! Love the border.
Very nice looking!
Linda I love your quilt and also that you turned the bricks and stepping stones.

I Love the Bricks and Cornerstones.  I found my fabric for my cornerstones last weekend and hope to start sewing later today.  I have a collection for my bricks that I am cutting.

Everyone have a great day.  I so enjoy looking at the finished projects.



I thought I posted a pic earlier today, but it's not here so I'll try again!  PS I really enoyed this challenge!
Good job!!! It is really bright and colorful. I still wish I could have done this one, just too many other things that need to be done first.
Thankfully when you get caught up, you can pull this out again, cause it really went together fast and it made a good sized dent in my leftover batiks!!
fabulous donna! i love how you put it together.
Donna this is beautiful!
Good Job and I love the colors. I will have to try one that way too.
That is very pretty.I love the turquoise borders.It really zings.


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