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Hello everyone we will be making the Vintage Propellersquilt for our new challenge.

The pattern can be found on this site under the Freebies tab. I chose this pattern because it looks as though it will use lots of those scraps we all have. You are free to to make your quilt as large or as small as you like. Remember the largest will use up the most scraps. Feel free to use any and all colors. You don't have to stick with one color as your back round. Mix it up! Get creative!

The rules are simple: The challenge starts on Feb. 01st and ends on June 30th. That's it! If you are not able to start on the first, start whenever you have can.

As in the past, there will be a random drawing at the end of the challenge for those of you who finish. Of course the prize will be something quilty. Also this time to make it fun, I will be giving out other little gifts for milestones along the way. These challenge milestones are only known be me.


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Wow!  Beautiful.  Love the multitude of color.
Only 2 days left for this challenge. Are you done yet?
I got my propellers into a quilt top, but not into a sandwich and I KNOW that won't happen for a few months anyway.  So I guess that is my long way of saying, not really!!  LOL  I will say that I intend to finish & give to one of my charities, so the sooner the better!!
Don't feel bad. I never got started. My DH had surgery with 8 weeks recuperation time. He just went back to work yesterday. In between that was DD's graduation. I'm trying to get back to normal now, (whatever that is) soon we will be preparing for college!
well I for one am thankful for this challenge-it really got me going on using up scraps in my stash and also finishing UFO's that have been taking up space in my sewing room for years. I have finished and I mean binding and everything almost a dozen UFO's since the 1st of the year. I didn't buy any new fabric until 2 weeks ago. Everything I made was from what I already had. Such a great feeling!

That's incredible Diane-I knew you were flying through the propellers but you were flying even higher!!!

Congrats on using the challenge with such wonderful results!


Char I wish for you a few minutes to catch your breath between DH's recuperation, back to normal, and preparing for college!  I think you were flying just as fast as Diane only in a different way.!



I hope all of the finished quilts have been posted. I will be announcing challenge winners later today.
I think I posted mine already, but I can't find it so I'll try to post it here!
Heres mine.


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