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Hello everyone we will be making the Vintage Propellersquilt for our new challenge.

The pattern can be found on this site under the Freebies tab. I chose this pattern because it looks as though it will use lots of those scraps we all have. You are free to to make your quilt as large or as small as you like. Remember the largest will use up the most scraps. Feel free to use any and all colors. You don't have to stick with one color as your back round. Mix it up! Get creative!

The rules are simple: The challenge starts on Feb. 01st and ends on June 30th. That's it! If you are not able to start on the first, start whenever you have can.

As in the past, there will be a random drawing at the end of the challenge for those of you who finish. Of course the prize will be something quilty. Also this time to make it fun, I will be giving out other little gifts for milestones along the way. These challenge milestones are only known be me.


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hi everyone...you all got me so tempted to start yet another project after seeing how wonderful your blocks are turning out.!!!  darnyou hahahaha.  Anyways even though I don't really have time to do this right at the moment, I couldn't resist trying a couple of blocks from the latest bag of scraps from a friend.  I am going to use creams and whites scraps that I knew that I saved for a reason (below is a photo of how much I have and these don't include yardage...just small bits) and scraps of blacks for the centre.  This way there will be some continuity between the blocks.  This is a really easy block and I can probably whip out a few using them as leaders/enders for my other projects that I have a deadline for.  Not sure yet how big it will be or when I can get it done.  I know it won't be quilted as I have so many projects ahead of it but....can't have too many quilt tops....lol

Love your blocks! They are very pretty.
Debbie, I love your blocks. I have chosen to use black and white prints for my centers.
I have only to sew down the scrappy binding by hand but with  the state of my fingers this week it may take a couple of days not hours.
Congrats on finishing! I am making progress...almost have all the blocks sewn together....then to arrange them and sew them together. I think I may make the deadline yet! Thank goodness I just decided to do a crib size.....I'm thinking this may be another donation to Quilts for Kids.
Wow, I love your quilt,Linda. Unfortunately I only got two blocks made before other things took over. 
yeah Linda!! Congrats on joining the list of completed quilts-now we can both nag on the others to finish theirs!! Just kidding people-I know how things can go by the wayside when life and other plans interfere
slowly getting to it.  Had a good start this weekend & had to drop everything because of incoming company.  Oh well, maybe next weekend!
Progress report.......I have it all laid out on the floor and will start sewing it together this afternoon......It is getting closer......I will definitely be finished by the deadline, maybe even before!
I am done.It will have to sit on a to be quilted pile now.I am sitting here now with my hot wheat bag on my elbow and my hand splints on BUT it is done and my grandson jake loves it.
Sounds like Jake will get this one!! I'm with him I Love it too!  So sorry you have to go through the pain in your arms & hands to get it this far along.  I'm sure he has no problem waiting on the quilting portion.--especially love the piano key type border!-even with all the color it sets the propellers to twirling!
fantastic! another completed one to add to our list! Aren't all the colors of our scraps great!


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