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This quilt is called "Scrap-a-dilly". I made it with left-over blocks and scraps from other quilts. The only material I bought was for the border and the back.
Wow, that is wonderful
You made this from scraps ??? Wow Can I ssend you my scraps?? Your quilt is totally awesome

Ruth, your quilt is great! I think I'll try that with my leftovers. Thanks!
Wonderful Scrap-a-dilly quilt Ruth - it's awesome!
Thanks for sharing your pic with us. Now I know what to do with all those blocks I've made up (from scraps) but couldn't think of what to do with them. I'm just not very "artistic" is putting things together but if I see a picture of something I like I can pretty much do my own thing from that. Thanks again.
Wow, Ruth that's beautiful!
Your creation is beautiful!
The quilt is beautiful , very nice use of scraps, I love the colors and all the different patterns...I get very excited when I get around lots of colors I think that's why I'm attracted to handwork....
Great quilt!
You have good "scraps"!
That is an awesome quilt!! Great work.


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