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Ooo, Teresa love your quilt. What size is it?
thank you--------- size is 9" x 12".. all 108 blocks are 1" finished
Wow Teresa - I'm SO impressed with your beautiful mini-quilt!

Hello Ladies,
Thought I'd share a few ideas. I certainly loved looking at yours.
I love to applique` so a scrap pile is super for that. The spring quilt is all scraps.
The tote bag I made for my friend was all scraps.
On the book covers you'll notice a few with checkerboards. Have you ever made checkerboards for a quilt and had some left over that you didn't know what to do with? Here's an idea. The yellow and red ones were for some placemats I made but I did not like the colors once I got them on (looked like a circus!) so I ripped them off and used something else on the placemats so I had all these left over and I liked the way they went on the book cover. Better fabric with it. The diagonals came from making diagonal borders or binding.
Klutina - wonderful scrap project ideas! I especially love the Spring Quilt!!! Keep up the good work and I hope to see more of your work posted here. Nancy
I too love your Spring Quilt. Very resourceful use of your scraps. I have used orphan blocks to make book covers in the past.
Klutina quilter - I have really enjoyed viewing your photo's. Love the wall hanging it is so spring like. Lovely colour comb. And the book covers don't they make a good quick gift for someone. Happy quilting. Ally.
Just looked at your scrap projects and they're all beautiful! Great job!
Love the birds and birdhouse quilt.
WOw, Beautiful indeed, that make you want to keep every Scrap...
Cindy, if you'll notice, Klutina Quilter Alaska put the pictures of bookmarks on, not Char...Char's on vacation right now...
Cindy, Do you mean the ones on the first page of this thread? If so I don't have a pattern, but since others have asked, I will post the info on how to make them as soon as I can get it organized!


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