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I am having an awful time sorting my scraps and am wondering how others do it. The lights and darks are pretty straightforward but what about the mediums??? Where do you put the light background/dark print? I think I am complicating this task. Please Help! :)

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Lorraine, pleas post a picture under Scrap Creations in the discussion forum when you can. I'd love to see it. I love Log Cabins.
hey girls...just thought I'd show you my latest project.  No it is not a sewing project but rather the fact that I got tired of looking at all the bags of scraps that my awesome friends have given me.  I emptied and pre-cut 5 bags of scraps and only have 6 more to go...and they are big bags.  And I do mean big....lol.  Don't know how long it will be till I am done with these but I do feel good that at least some are done.  My method is cut for specific projects first and then cut the remaining piece into what ever sizes I can get out of it.  I cut 5" nickels, 3.5" squares, 2.5" squares, 2" squares, 1.5" strips & squares, 3.5" x 2" rectangles and 4.5" x 2.5" rectangles.  How I came up with these sizes are from Bonnie Hunter's site.  And she is my quilting hero!  I store them in the photo boxes from Micheals only now I have to put the 1.5" pieces into a bigger drawer as the box no longer fits all of them.   I have actually been able to use these pre-cuts already in some other projects.  It is so nice to have them all ready to go.  
wow! that;s quite a project you've started! Good luck-you'll have a blast going through all that fabric
Debbie, this is an awesome idea! I have been cutting 3-1/2" squares from my leftovers since I like to work with bigger patterns, at least 9" blocks. I have to resort the stash though because I mistakenly mixed in the poly-cotton with the all-cotton pieces.
Debbie,,, great idea to use photo boxes.  I have been using see thru shoe boxes, but they fill fast.  My problem is when I cut the squares or whatever,,, they have to be in neat piles.  The rest of my room is a mess, but not my scrap boxes!!  LOL  go figure

Debbie, I would LOVE to have you come to my house and take care of my scraps!! I only have about 3 bags. I press and cut, press and cut but the bag still seems full. I have the precuts stored in large baggies, clear drawers it doesn't matter I STILL can't get them organized. But I love them just like my kids (ha ha, no like the rest of the stash).  I am located in "Beautiful Northern Maine" if you are interested!!

hey Sandy...thanks for the offer, however by time I get mine cut....I'll probably be 90.  lol  But a trip out of Beautiful North Western Alberta would be lovely!!!  It is a good thing to do while you are watching TV or listening to an Audio book.  Tonight I will be in my studio watching (or listening to) the Bachelorette...one of my many 'guilty pleasures' in the tv world. lol.

What a great idea. Love it

I like the idea of photo boxes which are relatively inexpensive and larger than the plastic shoe boxes that I have now. I only have 3 of them but they are overflowing and the tops won't shut so I'm going to have to expand. I don't have as many scraps as some but they are growing! So far I just have them organized as triangle pieces, long strips and misc sizes.
I use the photo boxes to hold my fat quarters.
Last year I had two friends offer to come sort my scraps.  When I showed them two large plastic bins, the ones that are about two feet tall, they were shocked.  Both of these quilters keep things very organized.  Anyway, they sorted by color and said all I had to do was now cut the pieces according to Bonnie Hunter.  Well, I started cutting and then put it all aside to work on something else.  These scraps are still sorted by color but I haven't gotten back to the cutting.  The color sorting works well for me and I am keeping it that way.  However, the containers are overflowing now so I guess I really need to do something with them.  The only problem is I have so many projects on the go or ready to be started that I just don't seem to get to the "scrappy" ones.  I made the triangle quilt last year and still have many, many triangles left; it didn't seem to make a dent in them.  I guess I just have to live until I am 120 to get everything used up.
I'm so sorry Myrna--are you having a fabric shortage in your area that you only have TWO bins of fabric????

I have over 6 of the size you mentioned that I can't get the lids on---------send your pals here!!!


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