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where from?
do u sew for children?
what kind of sewing crafts do u like?

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I am from Maryland. I have a baby quilt to sew. My cousin's son's wife is having her first. Shea real sweetheart so I want to do something special. I like making bags and useful stuff like that.

My name is dolly (yup, really) I live in cenral Ontario, Canada. I just started sewing again after many, many year and I'm enjoying it very much. I love to make hand bags and totes, wall hangings, rag dolls, and crazy patch. I'm trying to be a quilter, but I'm not having much luck, it will come with time I guess
hi dolly welcome to the group. maybe u could with small projects like these and get inspired to sew something on a bigger scale!
Hello Dolly! (couldn't resist!) ;-)
Hi polkadot, and everyone else!
I'm Carol, from New Jersey. I like sewing things for my 3 granddaughters (soon to be 4, and maybe 5!). I am a lifelong sewer, everything from clothing to slipcovers. But not anymore! Since I started quiliting, I don't even like to hem pants or replace a button! LOL

I love small quilting projects like wallhangings and placemats, but I LOVE totes and purses.
I sew baby quilts for children. I made my first "taggie" quilt Saturday. I don't have pics yet. I plan to make more of them. I also made a pink fleece poodle skirt for my daughter (10 years old)...she wore it proudly Sunday night to a 50's night at church.

I like to sew easy sewing projects. I used to craft more before I became a quilter.
Hi - My name is Cindy and I live in Michigan...I love to do all kinds of crafty things but sewing is my first love. I haven't gotten good enought to make things for people but I am getting there. I recently took a Cathedral Window's class and I love making this. It's all hand work so it's great for when I don't want to be in the basement in my sewing room.
i call my basement the cave; but then again i call my office that too. i work at home and here i sit. i am sposed to be working but the internet calls me. i hope to be done in three hours so i can get to making a travel bag for my cutting mat.
i finished the cutting mat bag and all i can say is: big, it's very big. carrying it around in crowded places is bound to knock out a few lamps!
I'm Brenda from Mount Holly, NC. I love to sew quilts , tablerunners, fabric postcards and I do many crafts. I don't sew clothing however, I would like to make my 2 year old granddaughter sundresses this spring. Hi to all!!!
Hi my name is Lisa, I live in Minnesota.I like to do all kinds of crafty things , but quilting is number 1. I have been doing it for about 10 years. I like to make table runners,wall hangings. I have also made quilts for the family. I have already check some of the sites, got some great ideas for quick projects. Thankyou for starting this.
Hi evreyone

I just wanted ot share some of my efforts after not sewing for about 20 years. I'm really enjoying it, here are 3 of my bags. The one on the left isn't really usable, but it has a ton of beading on it, so it goes up on the wall. The bag in the middle and the one on the right are fully reversible. The one on the right is my favorite, white denium, (what was I thinking). The cat on the front is cross stitched, the cat is made up of flowers, I just love it, and have had many comments on it. I've even had two women ask if I could make one for them, I politely told them no, that the stitching alone took over four months.


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