Quilt With Us

PM Dinner Celebration on Father's Day June 20th:

Graham Crackers

Hot Dogs
Potato Salad without eggs & radishes

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Oh I can bring a Rhubarb Coffee cake to Francines for brunch.
Hey Ranchmom....Hi....I just made a Rhubarb Coffee Cake the other day. It made a hugh hit...I haven't had so many compliments on something new for years...Yum Yum, SO Moist...can I take some home. They loved it. Anne
I think Mari should add: Rachmoms Rhubarb Coffee Cake to the breakfast menu. Perfect with the coffee.
I'll brimg cinnamon buns!With cream cheese icing to the brunch.
Oh Diane's cinnamon buns~ And coffee cake, I havenever had rhubarb coffee cake. My painting clothes are - burgundy t shirt, really large, lost of paint and some holes in it. And either shorts or some pants with paint on them. I am prepared.
~Hoppy quilting~
Oh! Oh! Someone said they would bring Green Beans with Almonds..that we for got to add to the lunch menu:? Hey Who made me the "Lunch Police"?
That was RanchMom and I added it to the list!
I'm so excited about this event!!! Well, two events on the same day!!! Do we have to bring DHs? After all, it is Father's Day and they are supposed to be honored. They could just sit and visit - no painting. They could eat, but only after us - we're the ones who thought this up. I'm not sure I want the other DHs to see me in my paint clothes - they really do look awful. Maybe they could just come to RanchMom's and not attend the paint party. Decisions, decisions, decision. My mouth is watering already after reading that menu.
I worked so hard and so long yesterday I didn't ever turn on the computer, and look what happens! I hope I'm invited to the shindigs. Father's Day makes me think of strawberries. How about I make strawberry short cake, or huckleberry pie?
Huckleberry Pie??? I ate some of that in Glacier Nat'l Park last year. Yummy stuff.


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