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Now, all that needs to be done is to sew your rows together diagonally and your done and ready to quilt!

Oh, goodness, I forgot to look ahead!  I also had this optional method of applique!  Its wonderful too!
Appliques ~ for those who prefer a different way of appliqueing you can make templates of your applique pieces.  I prefer no-melt mylar.  Once you choose your fabrics, cut your fabric 1/4" larger than your mylar pieces.  Stitch a basting stitch an 1/8" from the edge all the way around your cut out fabric piece.  Place the mylar on the wrong side of the piece of fabric and draw up the thread around the mylar and tie it off.  Now press and I prefer using sizing at this stage to make sharp creases.  Once cooled, remove the thread and mylar.

Appliques ~ I use starch but you can use sizing as well.  If your starch is a spray you can spray some in the lid of your can.  You take a brush and apply starch only to the 1/4" of fabric that extends out from the template.  I applied the starch to the whole perimeter of the circle.  Then, with a toothpick in my left hand and mini iron (you can use a regular iron, however, its a little more awkward) in my right, I move around the circle pressing down the 1/4" seam allowance.  The edge wet with starch will iron down nicely and stay in place!  That's the key, that it stays in place!  Then, I set it aside until its cooled.  Once cooled, I run the toothpick underneath the freezer paper to loosen it and pull it out.  When the appliques are prepared place them on your blocks, baste down and stitch down the perimeter or machine stitch down!

Let's look at our applique blocks now.  The first pic shows you the background blocks and setting triangles.  There are only 4 applique background blocks.  I will show you my preferred method of applique, however, there are many out there.  First, pick out your charm squares for your flowers, stems and leaves.  Then, make freezer paper cutouts of each applique piece and iron the wax side to the back side of the fabric.  Now, cut out your applique pieces leaving 1/4" seam allowance around the whole piece.  Monday I will show you how to prepare your edges so they are effectively turned under.

Begin by sewing rectangles to the side of all your half-square triangles.  Make sure your HST is facing the correct way before attaching the rectangle!  Then, with the remaining HST's sew a 2-1/2" square to the end.  Once these are all completed, sew them to the top of your HST/rectangle units.  You have your twelve pieced blocks needed for the table runner!!!  Wahoo!!!

With the charms that you layered and drew the lines on, sew down either side of the center line.  Now cut them apart and press to the dark side.  Now, cut all your 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" rectangles and 2-1/2" corner posts and get them ready!  Tomorrow, we will built our blocks!

Here's our Pack of Posies stash!!!  I began by separating all the charm squares by light, medium dark and backgrounds.  At least, this is how I saw light, medium and dark (chuckle)!  Its important to set your background charms aside as they will be very important later on as they will be your setting triangles and posy applique blocks.  From six of your light fabrics (not background fabrics) you will draw a diagonal line through the center and then a 1/4" line on either side of the center line on the wrong side of each.

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Don't they say - light is in the eye of the beholder? Medium is in the eye of the beholder? Dark is in the eye of the beholder?

Hoppy quilting!
Uh, yeah, I guess you can say that!!! Chuckle! I know, I looked at all those charm squares and thought ~ light, medium, dark, hum ~ where do I begin! They all look dark to me!!! That's why you got a pic of how I picked!!! Cackle!!! Certainly, you don't have to choose as I did!!!
Mari what squares did you match with your light ones? To make your half square triangles?
Hi Diane ~ I used one of each; yellow stripe, purple, lavender, orange stripe, purple flower. I also posted a pic showing a front full-on view of the quilt so you can see it better and use it as reference. Its in the forum, A Pack of Posies. Hey, have you got your Hex's yet???
Yes they arrived in this afternoon's mail. Thank you they are fabulous. They weren't late by any means!
Oh, my, gosh! How's that for coincidence!!! Thank you for your patience Diane. I am so sorry I didn't get them done sooner. Just too much going on I think. You are much too kind but I'm happy to get them done for you!!!! Thank you!
Oh no, turned under applique pieces? Does this mean needle turn? I dont want to do that. I want to machine applique! I bet you have something great up your sleeve.
Hoppy quilting!
After the next lesson you can choose whether to machine applique or hand applique. The lesson will have your appliques ready for either! You choose!!! No, no, no! No needle turn!!! Absolutely not! Yuck!
Oh good, because needle turn scares me. I love your method! I don't own any starch or sizing. I guess I will have to put that on my grocery list. I'm glad you don't like needle turn either, Mari.

Oh yeah, Diane, hex quilt. How is that going? How big is it now?
Hoppy quilting!
G'day Marie, where do I get the pattern for this one please as I have come in on this late!.thanks kathy
Unforunately I'm running late. I just received my kit. I usually wash my fabric before starting, but I have never bought charm packs or already cut strips. I'm afraid the smaller pieces will ravel too much if I wash them, even in a lingerie bag. Do you wash the charm packs or strips? If not, do you have problems with shrinkage if you need to wash the quilt later? As you can probably tell, I am new to quilting and just now binding my firsts quilt.

Also, since I am behind, how long will information on this project be available? When will you be starting on the wall hanging?

Thank you!
Mary Alice
Hello Mary Alice ~ Personally, I do not wash any of my fabrics prior to piecing my quilt tops. I do however test some colors for color fastness such as dark reds particularly and blues. And, I like my quilts to shrink after quilting as it gives them more dimension (fluffiness) and a bit of a nostalgic look.

The lessons will be available for quite some time. There are many who have asked the same question who haven't begun some of the projects. I'll start the last project, the wall hanging, in a couple of weeks. Not to worry, Summer School will be up for awhile.


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