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This unit is the last unit you will make.  There are four and once these units are made they can be sewn together to complete your quilt top!  Your finished!!!

Add the last two units you just made together to make this unit and you'll make 4 of these!

Next Step!  You'll need to make four of these.  The next lesson will be up Tuesday!  Have a great weekend!

It's time to put the flower blocks together!

This Ladies, will keep you busy for the rest of the week!  Lesson #11 is completing the applique on four blocks.  Begin with stitching on your center stem.  Once that is done, clip the ends of your stem flush with the block.  Now your will "unstitch" the centers of your flower petals.  Not very much.  Just enough to fit a flower branch underneath.  Be VERY CAREFUL as you don't want to stretch your base fabric at all.  You may want to even spray some sizing on the base fabric to give it some support.  Pin back your unstitched petals and pin down your flower branch and stitch gently.  Once stitched, unpin your petals and stitch back down.  For those of you who don't want to risk it, you can skip this step.  I preferred my branch to run underneath my flower petals.  Voila!!!

Here we have another 4-Patch for the flowers.  This is easy and you make four.  No tricks here.  Just sew the four squares together!

In the pattern we are at step #8 & #9.  The flowers are taking shape!  You just sew your pieces together as shown below.  You will make 4 of these.

Now its time to put the rows together!  Its all downhill from here!  First, I recommend you spray your rectangles made in diagram 4 with sizing or spray starch heavily.  This piece is all on the bias and the spray will give it some stability so it will resist stretching out of shape.  So, using the blocks you have just made, sew the rows pictured (and that are in your pattern).  Press according to the pattern directions.  There are two shots of the same row here.  One pressed and the other not.  This is a cinch for today!

Now that all our flower pieces are constructed, our next lesson is making and cutting the inner border around the center square.  In your pattern your are given two templates (Cutting Template 1 & 2).  They are a reverse of one another.  I found it helpful to make a plastic template that you can see through.  You make one template for both.  Just label each side as one and two so you know you are cutting with the correct one when you need it.  You can of course cut out the templates given and use those as well.  After marking the template from the cutting template in the pattern I laid it on the strip set below and marked my fabric with my marking pen and then cut on the lines with the rotary tool and ruler.  We'll begin putting everything together on Monday!

Now, with the same process, make 4 of each of these two squares below!  Flowers are almost done!!!

Now you will use the same process as before for the Lemonade, Red Violet.  You'll sew two 2-1/2" squares to 12 of the 4-1/2" Hammock, Goldenrod squares.

We will be following the same process as the last lesson with the exception of fabric.  You will be marking 32 G (Barbecue/Olive) 2-1/2" squares once diagonally.  Two will be placed on two corners of eight A (Hammock/Goldenrod) squares.  Sew on marked line and cut leaving 1/4" seam allowance.  Press towards the green fabric.

We will begin construction by making the flower blocks first.  Today we will make all the blocks that require the Lemonade (daffodil color in them).  You will need to either mark your small Lemonade/Daffodil fabric on the back or, I place masking tape along my sewing machine bed (full length) to mark the 1/4" and just line up the diagonal corners to that as I run them through the sewing machine.  That way you don't have to mark any fabric squares.  We'll be spending a few days making these as there are a lot of them and it will take some time.  Let's begin with this!

Today is another applique lesson.  I prefer to prepare my appliques in the beginning as it takes time and you can sit in front of the TV while doing it ~ unless you machine applique.  So, this method is the same as in the 3rd project but easier because the appliques are very uncomplicated.  Again, I use undiluted liquid starch (some prefer to dilute to some extent) and a brush.  Just brush your starch onto the edge of your applique and with toothpick in hand press your seam over the freezer paper.  Let the applique set and pull out the freezer paper just before you are ready to stitch it onto your fabric.  I like to hand baste my appliques down rather than using pins so I don't get poked and if you need to take your applique with you anywhere you don't have to deal with the pins.

As in all our lessons we will begin with our cutting.  We will include the appliques as well in this step.  You have had a lesson on appliques already, however, we will go over it again with this project.  Cut your appliques out of freezer paper and press them onto your fabric.  Cut out appliques leaving a 1/4" seam on either side of the freezer paper.

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I'm still cutting. Came back in to say Goodnight. I think everyone has gone to bed? Have a nice day tomorrow.. Love ya, Anne
Hey Mari, I just wanted to tell you that you are the greatest thing since double chocolate cake! I have been looking for a better way to make my applique pieces look even half way decent, and I've just found it!! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques!!!
Your welcome Sheryl! I'm so happy its a good method for you. I also struggled with applique until I was taught this way. Hooray!!!!
Hey kids...I'm ready to use my templates...but, I used a perfect 1/4" seam...and the template is a little off. So, Mari, my question is do I make my seams over, to fit the template, or can I cheat a little and re-draw my lines on the same size template? Oh, my, Problems, problems, problems... I'll wait until Monday to cut up my pieces. Thanks, Anne
Anne, don't make your seams over. The template is suppose to measure 4-1/2" x 8-1/2" so cut it at that size. Lay the template at a 45° angle and mark. Or, notice the corners? The upper left corner sits on the seam of the Hammock, Jewel/Hammock, Goldenrod fabrics and the lower right hand corners sits on the seam of the Hammock, Jewel/Croquet, Goldenrod fabrics.

Anne, how far off is the measurement of your template? I checked the pattern here and, printed here, it measures correctly. We are trying to identify where the measurement is getting off as it is a printing error. Thank you so much for your input!!!!
Thank you, Mari. I didn't re-do the stitching...I Pressed the seams all over again, with plenty or spray starch...being very careful to open them up a little more. The drawn templates then fit fine...So, I cut out only 2 of each, and now ready to continue. I also, took my 4 1/2" x 16" cutting ruler, and put it on top of the template...fit fine, so I used my ruler to cut the fabric. It works. I'm ready for todays lesson. I'm with you..Thanks, Anne


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