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January through May we will feature and build four projects. If there is a particular project featured that tickles your fancy you can easily build it along with the rest of us. Then, take a picture of your project and put it on the site to share with everyone! Yeah! (directions for posting pics are in the last paragraph below)

On the opening page you will find a “menu” listing the projects along with their picture. As we work on each project I will provide direction and "pictures" to help us along. The pictures will be placed in a "Discussion Forum" for each project for later reference.

As you run your cursor over each project in the menu the cursor will become a “hand” and when this happens click on it. This will take you to the quilt kit and assorted fabrics to purchase/view it at Connecting Threads.

To post pictures of your finished project: In the “Add a Comment” (under the viewing window) click on the little camera icon. This will open an “Add an Image” box and prompt you to browse your files to locate the picture you want to upload. Find your picture and click on it. Then, in your “Add an Image” box click on Options and click on “Create Thumbnail”. (This will keep your image a little smaller for viewing on line.) Then click Add and you are done! Now, take a look at your project on the Gifty Galore page! Congratulations you’re done!

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Just my cup of tea, love to read and do the projects along with all of you. Sign me up! Marianne
Hi Marianne! Welcome! I would love to sign you up but I can't!! (sigh) You'll have to join from your computer so you will be allowed to post along with the rest of us! So, if you haven't yet.......... I'm very happy you're going to participate with us!!! Place a post on the main page of Summer School so all the other school mates can welcome you as well! Thanks! Mari
Count me in - I just ordered the kit for the tote.
Awesome Aida! Its going to be so much fun making these projects with one another!
Is it started? I can't find the menu listing of the projects. All I find is how to order the kits... please help me!
With the best of intentions, I purchased the Open City Tote in January. Then life got in the way and circumstances made it impossible to begin this project. Thankfully, things have improved and I am back and ready to try again. One problem I am now encountering is the pictures connected with the first lesson through Lesson 3 no longer appear. Is it my computer? Thank you for your assistance.


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