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This weeks tutorial is very basic.  No rotary cutting involved, just assembling a simple nine patch block.  I'd like to know who all is attending this quilt along, so I'll know how beginner you are.  So please take a moment to introduce yourself in this discussion and tell us how long you've been quilting, or general sewing.  Tell us if you've ever used a rotary cutter/mat/ruler.   Don't be shy!

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I'll start. I've been sewing since I was 10 and began making my own clothes then. Because I'm very tall (was 6ft at my peak), long clothes were hard to come by, so I made many of my own clothes through high school. I hate sewing clothes!

I made my first real quilt for my baby before she was born. Had no idea what I was doing - seriously! But loved the fact that I didn't have to fit anything. My next quilt was a trip around the world by Eleanor Burns - only I didn't own a rotary cutter so I hand cut out every square - kind of defeating the strip sewing Eleanor teaches.

I came to work here at Connecting Threads 15 years ago to run the call center/customer service. There was only one quilter in the entire company and she was leaving! I started hiring quilters to answer the phones (novel concept!), and some of them taught me more about quilting. It didn't take long to get addicted and I've been here ever since!

I'm not a big fan of piecing - I love applique and less precise work. But I'm using Techniques 2010 to learn more about proper piecing to improve my skills. I'm pleased to report that in February, I got over my fear of half square triangles!
Hi Karen - I started sewing when I was also around 8 years old. My dad bought me a little Singer sewing machine that was red and ran on batteries. I sewed tons of doll clothes out of scrap cloth and old worn out clothes. I took home economics in high school. I learned my basics and many techniques. That was when I stated making clothes for friends who wanted things that we could not buy in the stores. This was back in the early 70's. Remember the Nehru jackets? Life got in the way and I stopped sewing. In 2006 I saw a lady at work who brought her quilts she had made. I fell in love wih the process. The first quilt I made was Eleanor Burns' Log Cabin. Then I ordered a pre-cut quilt from Joann's - which I made for my grand-daughter- it was a sampler. I still look at that quilt and wonder how I even figured out what to do. I sent those two quilts off to be quilted - they actually look really nice. I still have quilt tops that need quilting. I really want to learn how to do stippling - it looks easy, but I have really uneven stitches.

I want to learn better techniques. That is why I have joined a couple of the groups at CT. I love CT - not only for the fabrics, but the teaching of modern processes in quilting. I am scared of applique. It just looks so complicated.
Welcome Maimie!
I had one of those little battery operated machines too! And my first quilt was from Eleanor Burns too!

Glad you've joined us. Don't hesitate to ask questions as you follow along the tutorials.
HI Karen,
Read your intro and it sounded like mine. I've been sewing since I was around 8 years old. My mom and grandmother were sewers. They made their own housedresses. aprons, etc. I started out making doll clothes from their scraps, mostly by hand, and then started sewing my own clothes. I, too, am tall and I had a very slim waist (16" - but long gone now LOL) so it was hard to find clothes to fit. Made my own formals and my wedding gown. I also knit and crochet.

I started sewing quilts when my first grandbaby was born and haven't stopped since. My quilts are very basic but I do have a bargello cut out and waiting for me to start assembling. I always find another quilt to do instead of tackling that one. I have a list of "quilts to do" because I see such beautiful ones that others have done. I have to admit I probably have about 8 different sets of quilt blocks that I've done from BOM groups. I do need to get those tops assembled. I love making blocks but they never seem to make it to tops. I've also joined in a few blocks exchanges so need to get those assembled too.

I haven't done much in the way of applique. I have started a Grandmother's Garden - working on all the hex's and almost ready to start assembling them. So I guess applique is around the corner.
Okay, from all these posts, the one detail that keeps sticking with me is 16" waist!!!!! Wow! I don't think my waist has been 16" since I was 6 yrs old! :)
Hi Karen. I'm Anne from MA. I belong to a couple of the other groups here at CT. and love being here. I am an oldie (but, goodie, I hope). I've been sewing since a little girl, also. With embroidery fist, then in 7th grade...took sewing class, with a treadle sewing machine. Loved it. When I graduated from high school, I asked my mom for a sewing machine for my graduation gift. She bought me a Sears White machine, and the desk was the cabinet. I still have it, and sometimes I still use it. I've made clother, since...for myself, and my family. I love to quilt...I have even been the teacher at the local senior center...with a wonderful group of friends. I've tried all the different aspects of quilting...I do use a rotary cutter and mat. Always willing to learn new tricks in quilting. I absolutely just love crazy quilting...with all the embroidery, and beading, and silk ribbon flowers. Just finished a spooling wall hanging, this morning, with Mari...Thanks for having me onboard...I'll behave, or try to, in your class, too. Love and good luck to all in this class. Anne from MA
The quilts I've made some 30 years ago were basic square patches, my FIL made me square templates out of stainless steel and aluminum in varying sizes - from 2-1/2" to 6"; since this was before the rotary cutter, I traced each template onto the fabric then cut the pieces. There used to be a clothing manufacturer in Lowell MA and we'd go there and buy the cutouts and remnants - $5.00 for a bag full. So I used these for my beginning quilts - nine-patch, four-patch. I also love to applique, and it's nice to mix an applique block with a pieced block.
There is surely a lot to learn, particularly better techniques. I'm looking forward to learn new ones here.
Hi ILadies my name is yolanda fullerton and I been sewing for a while and that I am a begainer quilter. but I been helping my mom who is a quilter and when I go home she been tring to teach me to quilt and that I started quilting for a couple of years now. I been use left over fabric that friends have giving me. I was using quilting with a friend that had Alt. she need to keep her hands bussness and that We where sew all of this fabric pecies by hand. I am a Home Health Aide. and that I been using quilting to keep her active . It will be two years that she passed away. But I am tring to finish all the quilts she wanted her great grandchildren to have. So that is what I been tring to do. I am tring to get 6 quilts done. I have two that are done. and now I have 4 quilts to do. that is why I want to learn more about quilting so that I can do these quilts. Thank you for listening and letting me be in you classes. yolanda
Hi Karen,

Early on I did make some clothing after I learned how to sew in a home economics class in school. I made almost all of my two girls clothes when they were young and in first and second grade. I started working full time, so I didn't spend a lot of time sewing.

Worked for 34 years for one employer and fully retired in January 2009. My mother made many, many quilts by hand, so I always thought I would like to get into quilting. I began by making my grandchildren (five) each a quilt as they came along. I recently made two 9-patch quilts with pictures incorporated for my two grandsons who are in motocross. Am now working on a kit that is a crazy nine patch and need to get back to it after putting it on hold during the holidays. I do use a rotary cutter/mat/ruler. I am still a very basic quilter and have not made a full size quilt yet.

Am looking forward to this class so I can learn good techniques and share my quilting with other wonderful ladies.

Sonya Gill
Hi Karen:
I'm Joyce from the Quilt Frame forum here on CT, and I have to say I love the Basics to Techniques 2010 - not that I need any of this but I like always reviewing what I already know - it helps me not to get set in "one way of thinking" and keeps me learning about how I can always do better.

I started sewing about age 10. In Jr. High I took Home Economics (they don't call it that any more). For the first sewing project all the girls made aprons - the teacher let me make a blouse since she knew I had already been making my own clothes for years. I was introduced to hand quilting in the 70's - I was in my early 30's then. It was love at first sight and I've been quilting ever since. I never had the desire to quilt by machine because I love the idea of all those women who came before me, standing over and watching me and feeling proud that I'm passing something on that does not require being in a hurry. There's too much of the way I live that is hurried - I just don't want quilting to be one of them.

I remember measuring and cutting out fabric pieces using templates, making templates from sturdy cardboard and marking everything with a pencil or chalk. Now I think I have every tool known to the quilt world and I'm always looking for whatever is the latest. I can remember buying old dresses at rummage sales because I could not afford fabric for quilting. Now I have a stash you would not believe.

Today I have arthritis in my hands, fingers and knees but I'm still quilting by hand and will do so for as long as I can just because I love it. I can't churm out 5 hand quilted Queen size quilts (and hold down a full time job as well) like I used too, but I still do my share. My daughters will have one heck of a time in my quilt studio when all I have becomes theirs. And yes, I have two daughters, a step daughter and a step granddaughter that are all now quilting. I guess I've done something good.
Joyce, I'm so glad the arthritis hasn't stopped you from doing what you love!


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